Anointed Wand
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MuriKa has long been, certainly since Kennedy vs. Nixon, a nation run on optics as opposed to substance, and Kamala The Bad Cop Harris has proven her great skill representing the happy, smiley face of Empire in the guise of the Good Cop Democrat, which has never truly been a “good cop” so much as a ‘I’m gonna tell you to your face that I’m not gonna put a bullet in your skull; that’s what the evil cop Republican’s gonna do. What I’m gonna do is put a bullet in the back of your skull when you least expect it.’ This latter point is never publicly expressed (certainly never done so optically and is exactly what Harris’ entire political history has been). This is also what the Empire relies upon in order to keep its consistent and perpetually ever expanding slide right into oligarchy, which again, going back to Kennedy/Nixon era, having fully begun post-WWII, is exactly how in this day and age a shitty ass cop like Kamala The Bad Cop Harris, or another fantastic, well spoken example being the House Slave in Chief, Obama, is why liberals are an oozing puss boil on the sphincter of society and need to be lanced.

    Anointed Wand

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    Umm…yeah. Words. And more words. Occasionally verbiage. Ultimately, ineffable, despite grand attempts.

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