The wildest thing is, this is exactly what the creation of the U.S. was all about from day one, the only minute difference being, the influence of profit and power at the time, as compared to today. At the heart of the founding of this nation was an allowance for “business men” to be given the “right” to do what they want. This is how and why slavery of Africans and the genocide of Natives was given the preferential State practice it was given. This is how and why the eventual cancerous social spread out West in the form of Manifest Destiny is normalized.

Were the Founding Father’s at the time of creation aware they were creating a nation the celebrated and honored the supposed right to be a shitty ass asshole? Of course not. This in itself was centuries in the make.

If you create a society based on how to be a profitable, powerful shitty ass asshole from the beginning (i.e. you should be allowed the right to make money off of and thus acquire a degree of power from exploiting others), given enough time and leeway, as the U.S. has been greatly fortunate to have been given, it should come as no surprise how violently corrupt and destructive they, as an Empire, have become, while simultaneously, as fucking moronic as a people/’citizenry’ they, by and far, are.

This is how ‘Trickle-down We Do What We Want, Bitches’ functions. Humans aren’t born shitty ass assholes, they’re successfully crafted.

    Anointed Wand

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    Umm…yeah. Words. And more words. Occasionally verbiage. Ultimately, ineffable, despite grand attempts.

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