You Can’t Reason With Someone Who Has Gone Full Fucking Nazi
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

This also goes for all you Barry-bots who spent the last 8 years jacking off to, at this point, an obviously perfectly acceptable diet version of corporate fascism. In fact, you mother fuckers take the cake, what with your blind complicity to normalized warmongering on steroids and meth, or turning Wall St. into never-ending porn on the verge of giving civilization another full blown case of economic AIDS, or laughing off how your children’s children will be trying to figure out how to turn sea water into a Happy Meal, only to suddenly decide because Hillary Clinton wasn’t elected, in-your-face Four Loco corporate fascism is some how, magically, just too much, and will proudly eat a second helping of your own feces in order to demand the legitimate election of a heart attack be replaced with terminal cancer.

Unless you are daily throwing up ‘fuck you’ gang signs to both the Democratic and Republican establishment, and, advocating and fighting for Democratic Socialism, you are failing the future of civilization every single day.

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