When It Comes to Capitalism Twitter Ain’t Down With Brutal Honesty By Unverified Nobody’s

Not that anyone on Twitter should necessarily be surprised about this or that this should be considered any level of shocking “news,” much less general “news.” But it does seem worthy enough to post for posterity in an effort to document how easy it is for Twitter to prove when it comes to capitalism, and specifically how it is fully embedded with defending and protecting State power through the means of profit for select, wealthy, elite mouthpieces of the Empire, it takes great effort to both keep the mob in check while perpetuating the onslaught of capitalism and global imperialism.

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Shoving mirrors into the face of proud capitalist whores is a no-no!

When I attempt to check what exactly I linked, I am redirected back to Twitter and asked to delete this tweet. But if memory serves me correctly, below is the link.

I have gone about appealing Twitter locking my account and requested clarification how my, at best, “harassment” of John Oliver is somehow different from, and most precisely worse than, John Oliver’s harassment of the nation of Venezuela, its government and people.

I’m not expecting Twitter to have demanded John Oliver remove any links he has on his own account to his harassing attack upon the government of Venezuela and its people, and expect my only recourse will be to sadly, delete my tweet pointing out how John Oliver is nothing more than a proud whore for U.S. imperialism by regularly proving himself a tragic comedian of the bourgeoisie. Yet, at the very least, I am willing to consider this simply another shining beam of light illuminating how, when it comes to Capitalism, it never has and never will give a fuck. And most of all, hope this seed of just opposition points out why we must always oppose and never give in to the imposition of capitalism as humanity’s cancer.

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