Not that anyone on Twitter should necessarily be surprised about this or that this should be considered any level of shocking “news,” much less general “news.” But it does seem worthy enough to post for posterity in an effort to document how easy it is for Twitter to prove when it comes to capitalism, and specifically how it is fully embedded with defending and protecting State power through the means of profit for select, wealthy, elite mouthpieces of the Empire, it takes great effort to both keep the mob in check while perpetuating the onslaught of capitalism and global imperialism.

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Shoving mirrors into the face of proud capitalist whores is a no-no!

When I attempt to check what exactly I linked, I am redirected back to Twitter and asked to delete this tweet. …

If you are viewing this piece based on the title I am going to assume one of four things:

1. You are one of the very few followers I have who have taken a liking to my political commentary and are intrigued by what sounds to be an outrageous title for a piece (If this is you, I hope you will still be following me by the end of this, but will feel no sense of regret to see my numbers fall).

2. You feel relieved that someone on Medium agrees with your view that the Republican Party is high grade awesome sauce and are looking forward to reading on (If this is you, I can promise your cognitive dissonance will demand you hit your back button immediately). …

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Holly Wood shit-storming Hollywood, AKA ‘Murica

So, I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I have a bit of a fan crush on Holly Wood and I totally know the reason why: she says the things I neither have the time nor desire to speak about on the internet (if you haven’t read any of her Modern Day Harry Potter, you’re missing out), but will on occasion go all -bat shit- in. …


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Umm…yeah. Words. And more words. Occasionally verbiage. Ultimately, ineffable, despite grand attempts.

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