Success Is Found Outside The Box

We live in a society of spoken and unspoken rules and regulations. These subconsciously cause us to conform to conventional wisdom. Conventional wisdom is inside-the-box thinking, but, as history proves, outside-the-box thinking is where massive success is.

If we look at the most successful business people in history: Steve Jobs, James Dyson, Sam Walton, Henry Ford, and Thomas Edison, just to name a few — one fact emerges: they were rule-breakers!

So how do you cultivate an ability to think outside-the-box when it comes to your business?

1. Read outside of your industry.

You can get great ideas from totally unrelated fields. A lot of successful business people had breakthroughs when they combined an idea from one industry with an idea from another. James Dyson did this by combining the traditional vacuum with a turbine technology.

2. Try something you think is crazy, and makes you uncomfortable.

This could be as simple as pitching your product to the waitress at the end of your meal. When you step outside of your comfort zone, it can open up new ways of thinking and give you a paradigm shift.

3. Do what your competition is scared to do.

Most businesses have a herd mentality. They do what everyone else does. This is status quo thinking and will provide no competitive advantage. For example, if nobody in your space offers a “money-back guarantee” don’t assume it’s because they tested it and found out it does not work. Assume it’s because they are scared and try it yourself.

4. Ask questions!

Ask yourself, “Why am I doing this? Sometimes we just do things that make no sense because “that’s the way it’s always been done.” I have a friend who is a successful beekeeper. He always needed pallets to put his hives on. Carrying pallets around was a lot of work. One day he asked himself, ‘“Why am I doing this?” His answer was because that’s what his mentor did. There was no logical reason for it, so he stopped.

Bottom line: History proves that real success happens when we break the rules and think outside the box. It’s hard to cultivate that ability because of the pressure of society to conform, but it can and must be done if we want massive success.

Here’s to your successful biz!

Justin — Five Sprouts