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As I received a text message from the Hong Kong Department of Health recalling people who visited Hubei and ordering the mainland visitors to stay home and wear masks, I couldn’t actually help but think just how useless this approach is.

Don’t get me wrong — I have huge empathy for the people suffering from the virus and I try to be that positive force of energy in my environment — but Hong Kong and China are facing some very dire and dark times.

With people panicking all over, there’s actually a great use case where Google could exploit it’s massive amounts of data about people to classify a person with having the corona-virus or not. I write this because what I’m witnessing is people panic buying all the soap and hand sanitizers and masks but not using them diligently. Taking off their masks to smoke a cigarette with their unwashed hands — while there’s a ongoing shortage of masks. …



Be fearless — Be kind.

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