So I Am Building A Dungeon…

I have long desired to have a dungeon within my own home, and now with the new home we have purchased it is finally something that is a viable project for me!
It is something that is quickly and easily available for when I and my husband want a nice extended play session, as well as serving as a venue for small and intimate kink parties and a good place for me to do some Domme work.
I have high hopes for my little dungeon room, and every time I do some work on it, it makes my sadistic little heart smile just a fraction. Two weeks ago we went to buy the paint for it! I knew exactly what colour I wanted for it, and it is not the standard blood red or black that most people automatically assume when one mentions the word “dungeon” in this context. Even my husband was surprised by my choice, although he agrees that it is actually quite a lovely colour. I have such an eclectic mix of personality traits and interests, that it really should not have surprised him of all people that I didn’t choose something traditional. For those that are curious, I chose a burnt-orange, as you can see in the pics below.

A work in progress. Pretty much just the fine details that still need to get painted, although I am debating on whether to paint the cupboards.

The first big piece of equipment that will be installed once all the painting is done is the Saint Andrew’s Cross. I was sealing the pieces this past week, and it is looking quite good. I am immensely excited about it, although the actual assembly and installation will be done by my husband.

Still in pieces, but nearly there!

I have to admit though, that it is an intensely fun piece of equipment! It is really perfect for long sessions of tease and torture, and my wicked heart cannot wait for the first time I get to use it.
Of course, this also means I will be getting lots of new toys, which just serves to get my engine revving even more! Floggers! Canes! Cuffs! Manacles! Paddles! Rope! Chain! WOOHOO!!!!!! Not to mention the more adventurous toys for those that are more experienced and adventurous with such things! Sadly it has to be done in small increments. But every step done is a step closer to a proper play room!