What I expect from a Lisk Active Delegate

Soon, by May 2016, Lisk mainnet will be officially launched. Given the success of the ICO a few weeks ago (2nd higher crowdfund for a cryptocurrency) and the price perspective (I expect a stabilisation between $0.30 and $1), running a delegate will be highly interesting.

Active delegate would cash out between $3,500 and $12,500 per month.
All grouped together, active delegates would cash out between $400,000 and $1,300,000 per month.

Which also means that all together, active delegates (let’s call them LAD, standing for Lisk Active Delegate) are likely able to invest a few millions dollars per year! I am not sure that everybody has realised that this is by many order of magnitudes the most amazing opportunity to build the best cryptocurrency out there!

And this will be the responsibility of the LADs.

Be sure voters will be highly monitoring the LADs activity, and i will put all my effort to help them through this blog to do so.

So what I expect from a LAD (and everybody should):

  1. A LAD should be fireproof to DDoS attacks. I expect a lot of attacks right from the launch date. As well as monitoring and preserving a healthy updated server, keeping a high block productivity.
  2. A LAD should invest part of the money into projects dedicated to improving the LISK technology: funding DApps developpers, funding the LISK team (so they can further improve the core technology), etc…
  3. Alternatively they can invest into projects dedicated to improving LISK adoption and liquidity: marketing, mobile apps, exchanges, etc…

On a side note, DPoS suppose that “rich” account will have power. Aside Max and Oliver, each having 4M Lisks, I expect exchanges will be in a position to have power to influence delegates. Their interests can be different or even opposite to the interest of Lisk. I will monitor their behaviours so it will be publicly known. The idea is to propose some public community support of exchanges.

While there are still some risks, alongside with these opportunities, this is a freaking story we are starting in 2016!

Let’s be the pioneers, let’s do it together!