Fixd Review : Active Car Health Monitor

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Fixd can transform any vehicle to a smart vehicle. FIXD is basically a combination of an automotive sensor and a smartphone app.The device plugs into car’s OBD-II port and connect with your phone’s fixd app and let you know about your car health within 60 sec.

In this fixd review article we will discuss everything about FIXD.

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About Fixd

According to fixd official website, this device can detect 6,800 possible check engine light reasons,translate them into easy term, and hence provide you with a summary, also indicates their severity and then gives you instruction about what to do next.

How FIXD Actually Works?

Fixd consists a sensor that directly plugs into your car OBD-II port. Once you plug in the sensor, you have to do nothing just leave it there, since it is powered by your car so you need not to worry about its recharging.

Read carefully this fixd review post

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All you have to do is just download the fixd app from Apple App store or Google Play Store, as per your phone OS, install the app, create your account and then login to your account and let the fixd sensor connect to the app via Bluetooth. Once they started to communicate with each other, you’ll be able to get information about your vehicle.

Hope this fixd review will help you to understand about the device.

Which cars work with Fixd?

To use Fixd you just need an OBD-II port, If you are having a car built in 1996 or later the chances are damn good that your car will work with fixd device.

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Which Type of Car Problems Can Fixd Identify?

You might be get surprise by just knowing that you can learn so many things from Fixd about your car. According to the official website, the fixd sensor can detect 6,800 maladies affecting your car that may lead the check engine light to turn on.

But fixd doesn’t list all the things that the app can find, it only shows major issues such as your O2 sensor has failed or your engine oil temperature is too high. It also let you know if your car is going through a bigger serious issue that you should bring it to the mechanic.

Also, the app gives you the option to clear your check engine light only if you have find that the problem is not significant . You can also use Fixd to clear other dashboards lights such as ABS, TPMS, Airbag, Maintenance and Stability Control

Additionally, Fixd can keep record of your next car’s maintenance schedule. When you plug the device into your car, it will let you know what your car’s manufacturer recommends for maintenance at each schedule time and alert you to those recommendations. Fixd also monitors your mileage so you know what you actually need to get done.

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What is the Fixd cost?

If you want just one Fixd device, you can have to pay approx $59. Fixd sells a two-device set for $88, you can effectively save 50 percent on one of the device.

Fixd sells its sensors with a 30-day, money-back guarantee.

Features & Benefit Of Fixd Active Car Monitor

  1. Maintenance Reminders — Get notifications of scheduled maintenance reminders
  2. Check Engine Light Diagnosis — Shows why it’s on in plain English
  3. Turn-Off Check Engine Light — With just a click of a button on your phone
  4. Maintenance Price Estimator — See how much maintenance should cost before going to mechanic
  5. Continuous Monitoring — Alerts if a problem is detected with your vehicle
  6. Connect Multiple Devices — Keep track of multiple vehicles in one place
  7. Ease of Use — No tools or professionals needed — Just plug it in and see results


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We have mentioned almost everything about fixd car monitor in this fixd review post, go through it carefully.

Pros Of Having FIXD

  1. It checks error on the engine Light and lets you know what type of repair it needs.
  2. It has a separate maintenance timeline to let you know about upcoming maintenance service
  3. The application has continuous monitoring that alerts when fixd detects a problem

Cons Of FIXD

  1. The device cannot work on cars manufactured before 1996
  2. It Works only on Gas, electric & Hybrid Cars

Hope this fixd review will help you to understand about the device.

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After reading this fixd review article , it is easy for you to understand fixd is beneficial for you or not? Let your car to be a smart car. I m sure that fixd will help you to solve your car related problem by identifying the problem also giving the proper solution as well. So don’t Wait Buy the best fixd active car monitor.

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