How To Diagnose A Refrigerator Problem?

Refrigerator is holding our ‘always-on-a-run’ lifestyle in place. What if you find that your refrigerator is no longer efficient or not working at all? Before fixing an appointment, one can analyze the problem in the appliance for convenient and faster fix.

STEP 1: Note down the symptoms

STEP 2: Check for the default

  • Water leakage from refrigerator is majorly due to blocked or clogged defrost drain or water line. A dent or hole can also be the reason. Technician would require cleaning the water line or changing it in case of physical damage. Also, he’ll clear the defrost drain if it is clogged.
  • Ice maker will not work efficiently if it has faulty water inlet valve or defected ice maker. Water inlet supply may not pass the water at required pressure. It could be due to blocked water filter or valve. Ice maker components don’t come separately hence, whole assembly is replaced.
  • Energy consumption by fridge adds significantly to electricity bills and its continuous run is going to hike the amount. One must not set the temperature lower than 35 degrees Celsius. Lower the temperature, more the energy consumption. Further, check condenser coils and condenser fan’s condition. It may be piled up with dirt. If the problem is unidentified, the technician from appliances repair service will browse through thermostat, door gasket, evaporator fan or other possible reasons.
  • Refrigerator which doesn’t cool makes no sense. You need to check if the door is properly shutting. It could also be due to condenser, evaporator or motor fault. The tilt of fridge is important because the tray from where the water evaporates might leak if the fridge is incorrectly leveled.
  • Fridge tends to overheat or make noise because refrigerator’s condenser produce heat which could be trapped by the layer of dirt accumulated on condenser coils. There’s a condenser fan placed around the condenser and compressor. It works for constant airflow across the compressor and coiling of condenser coils. Technician might change the condenser fan or clean the coils.

STEP 3: Call for help!

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