Is your car AC running properly?

Fix My Car AC
Apr 24, 2019 · 3 min read

Has your car’s AC system stopped working on you? Are you having to commute through traffic with your windows down, sun burning, and sweat running everywhere? Driving in your car should never be uncomfortable, so make sure to have your car AC service in Dubai, even before it comes to this. Even if you begin to notice it takes longer for your car to cool off, you should have the auto AC repair mechanic looking at it.

The AC unit in a car is perhaps the only thing that can make a car truly comfortable. When people are driving around Dubai without AC in their car, they are going to be extremely uncomfortable when the temperature even gets a little bit warm. Rolling the windows down makes the car very loud, and it can be very inconvenient with the heavy traffic on the Sheikh Zayed road. The AC, then, is the most important part of the car besides the engine and the wheels, and the regular car AC service in Dubai something you need to make sure to do.

There are subtle signs that drivers can read that will tell them when their car AC is going bad or broken. First, the AC in the car may not blow out air that is very cold, or cold at all, and this could indicate a problem in the system that is causing the air to be hot.

Also, the car AC may not get any higher than the lowest setting, and this could indicate a problem with the fan that blows the air into the car. Similarly if the air simply does not come on at all there could be an issue with the compressor or belt system.

In both cases, make sure to consult the auto AC repair mechanic who will be able to tell us if it is a serious repair or just a small intervention needed, for example perhaps all you need is car AC gas refill in Dubai – and you can be cool again easily.

Doing repairs on a car’s AC requires professional services and experienced mechanics. In the simplest of cases, the Freon in the car can be changed or recharged. In other instances the line itself that feeds the Freon to the system can be changed to allow the fluid to flow easily.

When there is a problem with the blower fan or motor, it can be replaced to ensure that the air is blown into the car in the right way. Sometimes the fan blades are broken, but there are other times when the entire fan is not operational. The entire fan motor may need to be replaced to make sure the air blows into the car.

The cabin air filter may also need replacement if it blocking the flow of air into the car. If the cabin air filter has been clogged by debris and dirt, it will stop air from flowing into the car properly.

Similarly if the compressor itself is damaged or a belt is loose, the experienced auto AC repair mechanic can diagnose the issue and determine the correct course of action to restore your AC system back to working condition before you bring in the fans.

Does warm instead of cool air blow out of the vents? You may need an auto AC repair job, known as a radiator flush, which simply replenishes your coolant.

Radiator flushes and refills are examples of preventative maintenance tasks that need to be done to keep your air conditioning unit operating at optimum levels. When your coolant becomes ineffective, or old, it does not cool your vehicle’s interior air sufficiently. A radiator flush is a car AC repair job that involves emptying your radiator of existing coolant and refilling it with new coolant.

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