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Fix My Car AC
May 17, 2019 · 3 min read

Driving in the scorching heat with a faulty AC in a car will definitely make one go frustrated. Fault Car Ac’s is becoming one of the common problems related to the car. And one of the main reasons behind it is not getting your car AC checked timely and getting its maintenance done timely. Many times, people keep avoiding the problems in the AC, thinking that it will get fine in a while. Or by thinking that it is working fine by now. If you are also doing the same with your car ac, then soon you will have to visit car ac service for getting it repaired.

How to detect or know that your car AC has some problem?

If you want to properly fix ac in car, you also should be knowing what the problem is. Because you cannot handle all the problems by yourself. So, here are some instances when you can know that your car AC needs repair service.

AC is making noise

It happens sometimes, that when you turn on your car’s AC it starts making noise. Initially, the noise may be very low or less frequent, but later on, it may increase. So, do not wait till the time it starts making more sound, and visit a car AC repair service before only. Never ignore the noise that your AC is making even if you feel that it is bearable. Because one day your AC might stop working completely, and that time you may face more problem. Getting it fixed in the beginning only when the sound has started coming is better as it may save your pocket also. But once it is completely gone, you will have to spend more to get it fixed.

Bad smell in the car or wet carpet

If you notice that from past few days there is a dew smell coming from your car and your car’s carpet is also wet, you need to check your car AC. As it often happens, when any of the hose gets blocked and the AC does not get water. So, get it checked and ensure that all the hoses are working properly.

AC is giving warm air

If the air conditioner is giving warm air, do not ignore it thinking that because the temperature is hot that is why it is taking time in cooling. Many people ignore this situation thinking of the same thing and unaware of the fact that their car AC’s refrigerant level is not right. Take it to the car ac repair centre and get it fixed.

AC is not cooling properly

Many of you will notice that during the early morning hours or during the evening hours, your AC is cooling fine. But during the day time, it is cooling very less. This can be because of the low gas in your car AC. Get your car ac gas refill timely, to avoid this situation. There can be other reasons also behind the low cooling, so get it checked.

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