Best Antivirus Security for Android

According to a report in the US, 62% of the total web traffic comes from mobile phones. With the advancement of technology, mobile phones have also become more vulnerable to new and un-identified harmful threats like viruses and spyware. To protect your Mobile Device from these threats, one needs to have a robust security system which is not only capable of removing the threats but also identify and warn the user before the attack.

Many good mobile antivirus software are available in the market offering unique security features. It’s a difficult task to choose from them. Here we are going to discuss various mobile security software along with their features which you should consider before buying one.

1. McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee offers a comprehensive security to more than 150 million mobile devices across the globe. McAfee mobile security secures your browsing, protect your financial data and act as a guard against spyware. Here are some of the key features

A. Antivirus: Protection against spyware and malicious websites. Surf securely and stay safe with McAfee Mobile Security.

B. Anti- Theft: Lock and erase your mobile data if it is stolen. With Capturecam, get a snapshot of the person holding your device.

C. Performance: Boost your mobile phone’s performance and optimize the battery usage for an optimum performance.

2. Norton Mobile Security

Protect your mobile devices and tablets with Norton Mobile Security. Norton mobile security is also available for ios devices. Here are some key features:

A. Multiple Device Protection: Norton Mobile Security protects your tablet as well as ios/ non ios mobile devices from spyware and viruses.

B. Recover Stolen Device: You can track the location of your stolen mobile phone on the map. If your device is webcam enabled, you can actually take the photo of the thief.

C. Protection against Digital Threats: Blocks Malware, Greyware, and Spyware when surfing. You can block unwanted texts and calls.

3. WatchDog Mobile Security

It is a robust antivirus with simple configuration offering Real-Time Protection. It is a user-friendly antivirus which protects your android devices from viruses and malware. Some of the Key features are listed below

A. Proactive Online Identity Protection: Malware is capable of intercepting your calls and other conversations. Watchdog Mobile Security provides a powerful security against these threats.

B. Guard Against Internet Fraud : Watchdog Mobile Security is a strong guard against screen-capture, intercepting and financial data leaking issues. Anti-Keylogger technology protects a user against these threats.

C. Tracking Shield: It reveals location via GPS if your device is missing. Easy to use interface makes it simpler to access.

4. Bitdefender Mobile Security

It is an optimum protection for your Android powered mobile devices. With Zero effect on battery life, it does 100% virus detection. Some key features are discussed below

A. Protection: Bitdefender scores the best protection in various AV tests conducted by different labs.

B. Performance: With the best cross-platform performance, Bitdefender Mobile Security offers optimized speed with a user friendly interface.

C. Privacy: App Lock and Anti-Theft technologies take care of your online and offline protection.

It is suggested to always have a powerful protection for your mobile device. We have listed the best antivirus software available on the internet today. To protect your important data and experience a smoother experience, opt for a decent antivirus protection. Out of these software I personally recommend to choose Bitdefender Mobile Security as it has an easy to use interface along with an effective malware detection.