Happy News : Fixy Network has Passed a Smart Contract Audit !

We are pleased to inform you that Fixy Network has passed a rigorous smart contract audit to ensure its security and code quality are kept well-managed. The audit was done by Chainsulting, a Germany-based firm with specialization in consulting and development of Blockchain solutions.

Simply stated, smart contracts provide a way of using computer programs to govern relationships between one or more entities without the need for a middleman. The security implications of this new approach are paramount, leading to a new paradigm of vulnerability treatments in smart contract codes.

Security flaws in smart contracts have cost the cryptocurrency ecosystem hundreds of millions of dollars in losses. For Instance, Parity Ethereum wallet lost $30 million because of code vulnerabilities. Another example, in 2016, the attacker hacked the DAO and took away $50 million. These examples clearly show that even a slight mistake or defect in the smart contract logic can lead to huge losses. That’s why smart contract audit is an essential part of smart contract development. The goal of this stage is to identify code errors and check the program logic. A high-quality and thorough smart contract audit will allow Fixy Network to minimize risks and kept its good credibility.

Based on the thorough audit, Fixy Network smart contract complies with the requirements of Chainsulting AAA Cyber Security Standard and no major bugs and vulnerabilities have been found in the contract. It means that the safety and quality of the smart contract are guaranteed within certain conditions to bring the intended results.

Fixy Network always strives to deliver the best products and services, and by this it means providing its investors with peace of mind, by showing readiness to deliver not only a successful ICO, but also committed to the success of the project to make cryptocurrency mass adoption a reality.

Stay tuned for the next update from Fixy Network project !

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