How Fixy Network could Bring Cryptocurrency Mass Adoption by Utilizing Games

People, old and young, men and women, the majority of them have the same common hobby : playing games. It is estimated that 1.75 billion people in the world play mobile games and the industry worth $ 108.9 billion in 2017 (Global Games market report). However, in the current state, the benefit of the games for players is ceased at the end of the gaming session. They could not utilize the points they have earned outside the games ecosystem.

On the other side, cryptocurrency is still arguably in the early phase of adoption. While its conception is already reached mainstream consciousness, it is not the case with the implementation aspect. Despite its ‘serious’ features (OTC trading & Marketplace), Fixy Network does have a ‘fun’ side that could be used to catalyze cryptocurrency mass adoption because of the fact that most people have one common attribute : they love for playing games.

While it is seemingly unrelated, Fixy Network can challenge the status quo of gaming Industry by helping game players reap more benefits from their gaming session and at the same time providing a pathway to cryptocurrency mainstream adoption by utilizing games in a way that has never been done before.

Fixy Network Games Feature : Its Inherent, Economic & Popularization Benefits

Games in Fixy Network not only act as a supplemental feature but rather has an important function to benefit (directly and indirectly) all parties involved in the platform. Various scientific literatures (Sailer, M et al. 2017) and (Tracy, H. Garry, T. 2015) have proved that games or gamification can be applied to engage and increase customer experience, therefore increase the value of platforms which use them.

Fixy Network opts to provide simple games like Tetris or pokemon because of its wide level of acceptance among general audience and its inherent ability to induce the flow state that brings deep level of satisfaction among the players. This psychological effect is well known among researchers to bring positive effects to player’s cognitive and mental wellness. To keep the community satisfaction and excitement maintained, Fixy Network developers will constantly add many exciting games to the platform in the future.

From an economical point of view, the incentivization via games is offered in an innovative way. The rewards which players can claim come from 55% of revenue generated from services offered by Fixy network (i.e. ICO listing, product & service advertising) thus creates sustainable economic cycle inside the Fixy platform. The rewards will be in the form of Fixy (FXY) tokens which can be used by players to utilize features in Fixy Network platform (i.e : smart contract-based trading) or can be traded with FIAT money to buy goods/services in real life.

Furthermore, there is one fundamental advantage in using blockchain technology as a gaming platform. At the current state, conventional games platforms cannot reward players directly with different FIAT based currencies like Dollar, Euro, or others because of the high fees involved in the money transmission process. Blockchain solution eliminates this problem by its ability to send tokens as a method of payment with low fees, and players can choose to stake or trade them on exchanges with other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or others.

Those are the powers of Fixy Network blockchain-based game, that it provides satisfaction, engagement, economical incentives and continuity of benefits outside the game ecosystem at the same time.

The multitude amount of benefits will make it hard for people to miss playing games on Fixy Network platform. When the word about Fixy games and its rewards is spread among people, it will attract more new users hence increases the number of Fixy Network participants and as the consequence will organically push cryptocurrency mass adoption phase further.

Fixy Network platform participants (private & commercial sellers, advertisers, crypto enthusiasts) will also benefit from the increasing amount of platform participants as the platform value will appreciate proportionally to the numbers of people who use it.

With the innovative way of utilizing games to accelerate cryptocurrency mainstream adoption and offering its network participants with abundant amount of rewards, It is evident that Fixy Network is a sound and solid investment from investor’s perspective.

Stay tuned for the upcoming updates and don’t miss the 20 FXY tokens airdrop by downloading Fixy app (available in Playstore and App Store) in June 2018 !

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