God is wicked..!

Sometime in 2001 i was quietly sitting down on my room doing my Daily devotion much as i always did every day back then. as it happened i stumbled upon one of the very weird parts of the bible. It was Eccl 7:16 and it said

“Do not be over righteous,neither be over wise — why destroy yourself”

and to my mind the interpretation i got was do not be too righteous, nor should you be over wise…now i don't know what else i read that day but that stuff stayed with me.

I couldn't get over the fact that the bible was asking me …me! not to be too righteous.. wasn't righteousness the whole point ? wasn’t that what I as a 16 year old boy at the time had been striving for ?

That marked the first time i ever questioned any thing written in black and white on the pages of any book wrapped in leather (or Cardboard) having the Title HOLY BIBLE embossed on it …it was to be only the first.

Fast forward to today and another bee has been buzzing in my bonnet and its simply the statement GOD is Wicked..

there i said it.

but why would you say that ? you might ask..isn't that a dangerous thing to say ?

It is if you live in the Country i do..Nigeria. Nigerians luuuuuvvv God like no other Country does. Here in Nigeria the president travels from his palace to come kneel at the feet of the man of God, and why wouldn’t he when Nigerian pastors hold the key to the minds of over half of the population. Most Nigerians would jump into black tar if their man of God asks them too, they would also vote any way he tells them too ..( Depending on how he phrases it of course..!).

President Goodluck Kneeling down before Pst Adeboye

That doesn’t answer the question Fiyin you say…..why is God Wicked?

Well the MOG in question to whom the president knelt down is non other then Pst Adeboye the General Overseer of the What in my Opinion the largest congregation in Africa, probably third largest in the world after the Catholic & Anglican ( i can’t say this for a fact).

In ’98 he initiated the first Large scale Christian congress tagged Lekki98 check it out, it was the first of its kind, Millions of Africans Gathered on a remote beach to worship God..it was definitely the largest gathering of such kind in Africa at the time guess what…every year since then he has replicated it, ‘99,’00,’01 — — ’16 and every year even more millions come. thousands dedicate or re dedicate their lives to Christ.

This is not the only event he holds. Every first Friday of every month he hosts the “Holy Ghost Service”, an all night miracle service that takes place at the Redemption Camp at Km. 46, Lagos-Ibadan expressway according the website of the church, the average headcount at each of these is above half a million. I have been to one of them i think that number is an insult i say nothing less than 3 million each time and each time thousands are saved ostensibly reducing the number of Souls heading for damnation.

Pastor Adeboye is regarded as the pastor of pastors. Such is his humility that he is revered both at home and abroad. My best and most memorable experience of this man of God was sometime in ’98 when the country was Groaning under the worst tyranny it had ever known. that was the first time he took active participation in the political State of the country. He Got Donw on his Knees in the middle of one of the Holy Ghost Services and asked God to strike the General down ( am paraphrasing of course). A few Months later the general was down and every one was convinced that GOD definitely hears the prayers of papa Adeboye.

So Why do i feel God wicked? because with all this…with how close he seems to be to the the Most High he is still not guaranteed a place in heaven…How Can that be ?? that's crazy..! The Number of Souls won at every Holy Ghost Service alone should win him a sure ticket if I were GOD but NO! He Still has to maintain his holiness and keep believing, if after all the years of service, he falls into sin just before his death ( and take note he is quite old) then papa may just find himself getting down with Tupac and Biggy down under.

For this I Say God is wicked…!