I Lose Interest When I Get Ignored

Its human psychology that everyone say’s

I hate being interested in someone who doesn’t show much interest in me.

It’s a natural phenomena

It takes two hands to clap,

It take two wings to fly,

It take two legs to walk,

It take two hearts to love,

One is yours and other is mine

(Maame Fanyiwa)

Love and affection is powerful key to unlock the rusted hearts. Your attention(eye contact) and soft spoken(sugar coated words) behavior attracts someone towards you. You can turn someone hearts showing attentiveness towards his life. Your impression should be easy to love, hard to break and impossible to forget.

Start your conversation generally showing respect toward others. Communicate openly and truthfully, being understanding, offering encouragement, support each others choices and listening non-judgmentally. Cooperate and accepting the change while talking.

How to Get Great Responses to Your Questions

Start Question with this;

Who, what, where, when, why, how,

Not that:

Would, should, is, are, do you think

Through conversations you might be learn how to control emotions in various circumstances.How to overcome your hesitation and get rid of nervousness in-front of strangers.Just your smile simply open the ways and you go closer to the goal.

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