#Khudi and Self_Learning

“I can begin small ,but why should i think small” Edhi sb

As he thought too much about needy and poor people and wanted to help them .His thoughts become wide .He discuss these ideas with his friends but his friends not take them seriously and called him “Shiekh chilli” .His friends thought that they only talk ,they can’t do any thing bigger .But when he started with small he won and help the poor and needy.As he just follow the rule of #just start ,as Amal’s Principle’s of Progress.

I have learned from it that we should not have limitations on our dreams .But it’s all about your start .You can start with small amount but one day you can fulfill it.

This example of #just start belongs to me as i was too much shy and have no confidence on me but i started to overcome on it .Now i am just shy not too much as i take it as small beginning hope so i will totally over come on it. The challenges i faced, to interact with more people ,talk with them,or even help in their studies.

I started when i took admission in university ,before it i even not be able to walk in boys,even where there are 2–3 boys i changed my path because of low confidence.But now i can walk through .And i hope so that fear will all gone from me after completing all the sessions of Amal fellowship.

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