Golden Offer When Paying IVIE’s Health Checkup Service via Fizen Super App

5% discount and attractive gift program for all customers who pay for health examination services at IVIE through Fizen Super App.

In the downtrend season, the whole market is tinged with red, causing families of crypto players to walk and talk softly in fear of psychological effects on investors who are down 80% of their accounts.

The health examination services at IVIE will help you take care of your comprehensive health, both physically and mentally, not only for yourself but also for the whole family with quick procedures, a team of seasoned professionals, and a system of leading hospitals, clinics all over Vietnam.

General information about the health checkup programs between Fizen and IVIE

Online examination with Professors and Doctors from ~$8

  • Customers will be examined online for all specialties (psychology, male medicine, obstetrics, gynecology, …) by more than 100 experts from the best Central Hospitals.

Online Psychological Examination Service

  • Affordable online psychological examination, simple process, saving travel time, waiting time, and ensuring information security is the optimal choice for customers.

Online examination with a traditional medicine doctor of Kamamila Clinic

  • Customers will be carefully advised by doctors about the treatment schedule with Oriental medicine methods, diet, guidance, and follow-up exercise at home,…

Promotion for customers paying via Fizen Super App

All customers who pay with Fizen Super App will receive a 5% discount when using the above services.

The first 100 customers who pay with Fizen Super App will receive a gift of $5 in FiCafe Token. FiCafe exclusive token of Fizen, can be used to buy Starbucks gift cards in the Fizen app (transactions without gas fees) and pay at all Starbucks stores nationwide. Check out the user guide here!

How to join the program

Step 1: Customers book an appointment at IVIE’s Website or App

Step 2: Download Fizen Super App:

👉 App Store:
👉 Google Play:

Step 3: Customers use IVIE’s health examination service and pay with Fizen Super App. Enter the code FIZEN5

Step 4: Customer sends back the wallet address to Fizen’s community, FiCafe Token will be distributed 24h after the customer completes the payment

Note: During the promotion period, Fizen and IVIE will not refund any request for service cancellation or refund.

Why should you experience the health examination service at IVIE?

Book a telemedicine

  • IVIE’s doctors are always ready to advise and take care of your health anytime, anywhere via video & chat

Leading team of experts and medical facilities

  • Easily connect with elite, dedicated, highly qualified doctors from central hospitals & prestigious clinics

Priority reception with many special benefits

  • Book appointments in advance at central hospitals, leading clinics, and many exclusive privileges for you and your family

The price of the examination is equal to the price at a medical facility

Not only that, but it also saves you time and other costs!

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