Interested Challenge

I read an interesting chapter from the book named “Do This And You’ll Be Welcome Anywhere” from How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie. In this book, the author mentioned the ways or tricks to attract the attention of other people, people with one want to acquitted with, have a connection with.

In the book, it is beautifully understood that one cannot make friends by constantly talking about themselves only and trying to make others interested in them, one also have to consider the other person, have to think about their perceptions, because everyone is interested in themselves, want to hear about themselves, and talk about themselves.

I understood one thing from this book is that I cannot completely rely on myself, my knowledge, and cannot lead my life without people and their knowledge. If I want to enhance my knowledge, I have to hear other people’s perceptions and their experiences, challenges they faced in life. I cannot make them interested in me forcefully. I will have to take interest in them, hear about them so they can hear about me.

The book also gives a very beautiful example of Theodore Roosevelt. What could be more beautiful than a fact that even his servants loved him. According to this activity, I asked my friend and family about themselves, their activities, their plans for the weekends and year. I listened to them and in return they listened to me, asked me about my routine. The feeling of being interested is good because it arises the affection between people. You will gain time from others only when you invest your time on them. It leads to better relations that last long in life.

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