My Motivation in Life

Edhi sb is an impressive personality. Edhi sb believes in small actions, small beginnings. Once at the age of 13 he was going to play some games with his friends while he was passing a street ,he saw a poor man having wounds on the body. That old man was in mesirable condition. He asked his friends to go for games and i will join you later on. Edhi sb immediately ran to his home, take some food and a blanket for the poor man and provide first aid to that man, in the next morning he again go there taking breakfast for him and he noticed poor man had recovered. He did the same practice for 21 days ,spent some time with the old man.

This example from Edhi sb’s life influenced me and it relates to me because i believe small actions leads a person to big destination.Whenever i decide to do a work, or whenever i thought that its a difficult task, and it will take a lot of time, or i have to face many problems and challenges while doing this i just think of a small step, first small action then second and then third and so on….. as i take a small step it increases my confidence and gives me courage to take the next step and i feel i can do it…

i want to learn chinese language.

As china is one of the top leading countries in world and also progressing in era of agriculture research. I want to learn chinese because every year china is offering large number of scholarships to international students… so why not i should avail this opportunity ,so it can help me getting scholarship for my higher studies in china.

In past i can not spare time for learning this as it is a new language so it takes time. And i was too much busy with my semester classes and exams.

I have to just start ,i will specifies a time from my busy schedule to learn this. I will learn 5 words on daily basis so it will be helpful for me. I will ask a friend to help me and also online videos are helpful for me i will try my best to learn it.

I faced some Challenges because its a entirely new language for me. I just called one of my friend she knows chinese well and she has cleared the exam. so i asked her to help me and then she give me some tips and send me some past papers for learning. Managing Time was difficult for me but i spare 15 minutes daily for preparation and now i have done practice for 2 days and have learned 10 words…

enjoy learning

The limits of my language are the limits of my world…

i learned from this experience that if a person wants to learn new skills then time management is really important. And do not try to do all the work in 5 or 10 days, just divide your work on chunks and improve your skill on daily basis.

And my next step is to continue on the same schedule which i followed for previous 2 days. So i can learn this language.

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