Everyone have different why of their lives…….

I have talk with my four friends. They are friends of my childhood. Life purpose of all friends are different. One of my friend want to be a microbiologist she is now pursuing master’s degree. The other friend is mathematician she is really good in maths. She wants to become a lecturer at a good university.

Similarly, a friend of mine is studying physics she also wants to do a job, and one is software engineer. So, I have discussed their life goals with them.

By talking to them I have learned all have different personalities, although we are friends but everyone has different needs and situations, different mindset towards their goals. If one wants to do a job right now whatever the condition may be, the other is planning to pursue a master’s degree.

Everyone have different goals and ambitions in their lives.

With the conversations with my friends related to the course which I have completed at Amal Academy as an Amal fellow has led me to know everyone on this planet is born for a different cause.

The why of their life?

They have various situations, needs, goals. So they are planning accordingly to achieve their goals. For example, if I compare my why to theirs why I want to do an internship right after my degree completion but some of them want to pursue for a master’s degree. And the view point they have developed is they do not need an internship after master’s degree. They will obviously get a job.

I want an internship at a good research institute because I want practical knowledge and experience in my major subject. After that I will pursue for master’s degree.

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