Learn how to embrace the pain for living a life of purpose

The sacrifice which I had been able to endure in past is that during my study at college. I have found a little time for my family, friends and for other activities. As I was a student of pre-medical in college so it was difficult for me to arrange time for friends, also I have to spent sleepless hours and nights for my passion and for my studies. Even I some time forget to sleep and it’s the cost that I have payed.

During university, again I have a too much busy routine of my life. when I get indulge in my work and my studies I have no other things to think. Even some times friends taunt me that you are busy personality and you have no time for your childhood friends.

Sometimes my family says that you scare us because I am busy all day in my studies. I am not a social person I have missed more than half of my family events due to my busy schedule.

From all these sacrifices, I have learned that I can live without too much events and entertainment. And my work is my passion. I can face the taunts by my friends but I cannot make sacrifice on my studies. I am also adapted to a busy routine.

Even in summer holidays I started to get bored that there is nothing to do, I come to know about myself that I am a workaholic person.

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