BERLIN 2014_ I’m Cleaning out my Hard Drive (one mo time)

i didn’t really plan to post the pictures from the past, but maybe i will from now on.. just for keeps sake. i do keep the pictures somewhere and that’s why i am able to post them obviously, but you know how all these ‘external storage’ sort of things works, you just keep your stuff very safe, and you never get to revisit unless you have them where you usually go, i.e. social networks. well in my case maybe not ‘social’ ..

so here we are, some pictures from Berlin back in 2014

i visited twice in summer in 2 months of time. just for some projects. a lot of things happened. and i kind of wish, now, that someone else should have gone for me. i never thought about this until very recent, but really i shouldn’t have accepted the projects. it was a big mess and i would like to not think about the days anymore. well i would definitely come back though to replace this annoyance that is completely nothing to do with berlin itself.

so it’s okay. people move on anyways right

by the way this was one of the best dishes that i have ever had in my life.. is called papoutsaki
i think i saw these posters in paris too or maybe here
CSD Berlin — i was lucky at least to experience it in berlin finally
Berlin in July was baeutiful. they happened to have biennale, yes i would say i was lucky. and i never said my own torture came from the city itself, i still love you berlin. i mean i love you the most
..knowing that i am in Germany
one day Surrealisme was something i would never get away with. and then another day i forgot about everything.
this is the wall in front of KW building. i really really loved this messy bills that are just as they are i could just live in this forever
ㅎ ㅎ ㅎ.. ㅎ ㅎ ?
야 씨 이거 찍을땐 아무생각없었는데 지금 보니까 억장무너졌다
셔발 나도안다고
‘the’ quintessential berlin i like and like