LDN 2016_ Bits and Bobs from August (and Yet to Continue..)

so i made these trips from Bristol and i had only today before another trip planned. i don’t regret to have this planned as i am really right at the corner of wrapping everything up, but maybe i should regret that i should have planned this up a bit earlier.. like to have this started earlier. well, there weren’t many holidays anyways, i still think, all in all, it was a good decision, even though i just made it one morning and did everything in one go whereas i thought and roughly planned for relatively long time.

in fact i didn’t expect calm calm sunday because i kind of knew what would happen today, and even the horoscope (lol) had some implication, it’s that i checked it too late when everything has happened, not that i mean i would have changed me mind even if i read it earlier.. (so wtf is the point here -.-)

ignored my gut so i was in brief trouble 🤔

as much as i am aware i could be somewhat crazy, i also know i am one of the nicest people that one can ever be. like, i am not much hurt by the kind of people that i see these days, maybe it’s because i do not really think about them as much as i used to do with my previous friends. but when it’s very harsh, yes it could hurt still. and i have been hearing quite a lot of questions and statements that were quite judgemental (such as, are you depressed? after i said i like portishead , and his backing rationale was some empirical study that doesn’t even make sense) and a couple of them were pretty low. but then i know, at the same time that you really cannot change someone with my kind of age. and i heard similar statement today again, one thing i completely changed vs. before is that i really do not tolerate it. well maybe i should have frozen this person out even earlier, but anyway i kind of did today. the last word i heard from him is ‘have fun with your cat’, which is the most passive agressive saying that you can ever come up with. this kind of message assured me that he won’t leave any regret for me to freeze out. in fact i was quite angry that i had to hear very unecessary saying that i didn’t even need to, but soon i became really okay when i just played Luke Fair. just can’t go wrong with this genius, can you xo

(The best part is that i never reuse or recycle the gift i was supposed to give someone else and the gift i bought when i genuinely felt like i wanted to gift this person was completely left in the bus. I was thinking of just chucking in the bin but this actually is a cute piece so i do want someone to use it – someone who s nothing to do with this shit and also someone who appreciate Liverpool ..)

seriously the more i listen to him the more i feel i owe him too much. this endless gratitude towards him..

and my friend gave me some warm words that i could never feel more okay than ever. then somehow my old friend called me today in a few years and we had a nice catch up too. some nice person told me once that it’s time to rebuild my friendship maybe that’s right..

Something you can only hear from your favourite friend..

the weather gets quite cold here and now i feel proper August in Europe. i don’t remember any August that was hot enough here. it’s when day gets shorter and weather gets cooler (maybe too much).

feel so empty erasing the cities i have been – it s gon be narrowed down to two to three soon 😢

i hurried myself to get a new umbrella which was completely broken from Glasto, i couldn’t buy other small stuff that i have to from all procrastinated chores because of the low quality meeting earlier, so it will be dead busy from WE on again. and now, it’s really really final countdown.

Ah. Frank Ocean finally released a new one we all got too excited about it and in fact it was too good and i am genuinely upset that my macbook never allows me to sync with me mobile — i have been kind of postponing this until i actually get to a new place, so i ‘ll reset/reboot/reformat, whatever it is, and really start from the very beginning. Again.

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