LDN 2016_ D-1

Like how could i have ever imagined that this day would ever come..? anyways i tried to sort all the loose ends and i guess it’s almost okay now. i was so obsessed with so many things i have to clear up, in fact i still think it was too much to ask for one person in a couple of months. it definitely would have been easier to hire an agency but well i already had mine more or less so maybe i shouldn’t complain.

someone said i am going through way too much these days right in front of the big moving, so i would rather think, yes it’s all for the good in the end. another big craziness awaits in a month apparently, so i shouldn’t have much time, or even less time than now, to think about this and that, and i would be completely trashed at the end of this year i am pretty sure.

i just hope tomorrow will be all okay without any big issue, i ve been really trying my best of the best to perfectly finalise everything over here and this effort shouldn’t betray me, oh god

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