LDN 2016_ People, have a smart decision please.

I had two biggest surprises while i have been living here, both happened very recently. No 1 is that the citizen voted Sadiq Khan, so this was the nicest surprise ever since i have been here, and No 2 is actually the % of pro-brexit . This kind of happens back to back now, so i had been thinking native people here are rather narrow minded and not very open but then i got so happy about their right decision after the election, and now i am kind of being disappointed again – let s see tomorrow.

today we went through crazy electoral drama; we had pouring rain and thunderstorm, there was a rumour of voting card manipulation by MI5 (wtf, are we in korea back in 70s?), some other rumour that the referendum will continue tomorrow for ‘leave’ supporter (this is also wtf, who’s gonna believe this shit?), all the unbelievably stupid drama was created during the afternoon (no wonder they say some people in this country are too stupid seriously) i was somehow also involved in some random fight that i had to run away only to be caught by one of the gangs and even got some kiss good by (i means it ), phew, what’s to become of this country?

honestly i could have been like, i don’t care about all that shit as i am leaving and i am not even british, but i have been here too long not to care.. and really, i hope this country continues to grow as big splendid cultrally open with huge diversity as it used to be. i know significant amount of pro-brexit people would have come from some passive aggressiveness as they feel like they are deprived of jobs here and so on, that they try to kick these people out and feel more secured. but how shabby is that? before thinking they are stolen of something, maybe the reality is that they are not better than others who got better jobs. and leaving EU is more like an isolation. i know United Kingdom is ‘the’ country of sub culture, indie music and art, but who would have put more effort than now, if the criteria to live in this coutry becomes tougher while current criteria is no where close to easy to acquire and very costly already.

i don’t know. we’ll see how it goes.

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