I’m writing a book.

One of my year goals was to read 3x more than the last year. I’m on track with that. On the other hand, one long-term goal was to write a book. It’s true that the more you read and write, the better you become at writing.

Is then a better way to improve your writing than actually writing a book?

Let’s find out.

The Success Hacker started last year with another name and slightly different topics. My passion behind this is the study of how we can achieve more in the best healthy way and the study of human behavior around teamwork and how build and maintain habits.

I like to give productivity tips for the things and patterns that work for me, and that’s basically why I’m doing this. A practical guide is what I want it to be. This is a book for entrepreneurs, developers, marketers, you name it; people who care on going one step further and that are willing to put some effort, especially at the beginning. It will also give you some tips on how to develop and ship your product.

The last books I’ve been reading and helped me to get here are The One Thing from Gary Keller, Write & Sell Your Damn Book by Paul Jarvis and now Write. Publish. Repeat. by Johnny B. Truant and Sean Platt.

I’m planning to send the first chapter to the subscribers at the end of August. Chapters definition is something that may change in the near future, but the plan is to write at least one chapter per month.

Feel free to contact me with some feedback, it will be deeply appreciated.

Never settle.

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Originally published at fjaguero.com on August 1, 2016.