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Life is a continuity.

Not a single second is waiting for anyone.

Time is continuously flowing.

We don’t know what is going to happen next moment.

We don’t know where we are going to die.

Relying on Allah is the only comfort.

We must rely on Allah.

There is no other way.

Only He can save us from all types of loss.

He can mend all the losses.

He can repair all types of broken hearts.

He can return us best.

He loves us.

We should remember Him more and more.



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A university of our own.

I dream of a university of mine.

We will learn Quran, Hadis, Mathematics, Science, Taking

care of old parents, cooking, driving, swimming, electrical and electronics

engineering, computer science.

Our university will be our family.

We will learn like a family.

Our dream university may one day come true.



Thanks to the Maker for the trees.

Without trees, we can not survive.

Trees are our real friends. They are Our breathing.

Trees are the beauty of nature.

Trees are medicine.

Trees are fruits.

Trees are perfume.

We will get trees in heaven too.

Trees of the heaven are tall.

If I say subh’anaAllah I will get a ready made tree in the heaven.

Thanks, many thanks to our Maker for the nice system.



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Tea is very useful.

One cup of tea is welcome always.

Especially in the morning.

It is a good habit to take a hot cup of tea in the morning.

It is better to make the tea yourself.

I make tea myself.

Teas have many blessings.

Tea energizes us.

All praises are for the Maker who did not forget to make tea for us.

There are various types of tea.

All praises are for the Maker who made such various tea leaves.

Made the human brain process tea in different ways.

Made mankind taste different tastes of tea.

Rooibos tea, peppermint tea, white tea, black tea, green tea, and many more types of teas are there.

Tea stimulates us.

Many thanks to the Maker for the tea.



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We, at different levels of our ages, read for different things.

At young age, we read merely for pleasure.

For tests or examinations, we read seriously our textbooks.

At middle age, we search for the meaning of life.

We search for peace.

We find it in religious books.

Holy Quran is one of them.

One gets peace reciting it with or without meaning.

If we recite it with the meaning- double points, double peace, plus we get confidence and power.

If we recite it without meaning we get points, peace and power.

Remembering Maker is never a loss project.

It is always useful.

Reading the holy Quran for peace is always beneficial for us.



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This Holy Quran is full of interesting stories.

So we recite sura Kahaf every Thursday or every Friday morning to

get points.

To enjoy the true story of seven sleepers.

To get forgiveness from the Almighty AllKnowing.

The Maker forgives us for reciting sura Kahaf every Thursday night or every Friday morning. He will reward us too for it, especially on the day of Judgement.

Holy Quran indeed is a blessing to us. Maker may help us recite

the Holy Quran more and more.




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This world is full of ways.

Some are easy, some tough.

Forgetting Maker makes our life tough.

Relying on Maker makes our life easy.

Remembering our maker is the solution to all problems.

It is the easiest way to lead life.

Maker never leaves us nor forgets us.

We disobey Him.

Yet He forgives us if we seek forgiveness.

Life will be peaceful here and hereafter if we follow His way.

His way is straight, simple, and easy.



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Children never think childhood will end.

Their main goal is to play.

One after another game, nonstop playing.

We all are like children to our Maker.

He Himself is playing with us.

He is our closest One, our best friend.

We are never alone, never helpless.

He is always with us.

The more we remember Him the more He remembers us.

Our life is like a dream.

Like children’s dreams.



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Rich Dad Poor Dad

This story has a precious item.

Give what you want.

If you want money, give it to others, and it will come back to you in larger amounts.

It is the teaching of Islam.

Giving is the way of being rich.

The more you give the more you get.

Always give.

Givers become rich.



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