I have nothing to say about your conflict with your professor, other than to observe that the…
Kathryn W. Kemp

Best answer I’ve read so far, concerning the subject matter at the crux of the conflict. I told Kayla she’s a gifted writer and as such has a bright future before her. This response represents exactly the kind of advice Kayla will most definitely benefit from heeding — kind and disinterested. So many on here are tearing Kayla apart for not being a scholar! Well, she is not a scholar (yet). She’s an undergraduate student. Any gaps in her knowledge or skills are partly explained by the fact that becoming a scholar is a process, and she is in the early stages of that process. They’re also a responsibility shared with her professors. Unfortunately, Kayla’s professor seemed more concerned with preserving face, by at all costs not admitting she might be wrong, than about genuinely nurturing her students’ critical thinking, inquisitiveness, and love of knowledge.

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