Throughout the summer it is been a very interesting and go at life. I woke up this morning and I just start pondering about the future just think about things that have happened in the past and how stupid I was and many decisions I made pertaining to people work relationships. When I want to give you nine edit it rough draft just version of my life my week as it goes today.

Yesterday I saw something very interesting about a best friend that has some serious medical issues, Now I really don’t want to going to the details of what this person is going through I’m not gonna give you a name of this person but this was in a serious health issues they’re young and today’s time people aren’t as healthy as they could be. He’s obviously been a person that has been through a lot in his lifetime a lot of ups and downs but to be so young and have these issues it doesn’t really amaze me but it kind of does.

Nowadays people go through so much stress just from not being who we are or what they need to be for themselves their relationships whatever it maybe it sometimes the outsider we don’t understand what a person is really going through. So as of late, I was sitting down and really readjusting how I deal with people and I will let things affect me because sometimes you don’t know how much you affect the people around you that are really really there for you and my goal in life now is not to be that bad person for anyone.

This summer totally about personal growth. I’m struggling and I’m on my ass, but i’m learning how to weave my way through the shit of life. I have bills I guess school coming up, i have people I have to tend to as well as I’m working on building my own personal health up because I’m getting at that age would now health is very very important and is not just for show is for overall longevity you know I would love to be healthy in my 60s so that means I have to work my 30s in my 40s and I have to be continuous is just like a job I’m working towards a retirement plan that is not even for sure to be there . I’m just staying from bad eating habits when I’m not in training season that I have picked other healthier options that of help me maintain my weight when I’m not training. Set my main focuses as a leave the summer is becoming my own manager whatever I do whatever I want to going to manage my section I do not want to work for section I will work in a corporation I work in the business but I want to manage my people the way that I think people should be managed. The whole thing with school initially was to leave school to Bring better value to the people that I come in contact with his help me see your new light on living this help me see your new life on health and is also helped shed new light on me starting my own business.

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