Something is Rotten in the State of our Union

President-elect Donald Trump with wife Melania celebrating New Year’s Eve at Mar-a-Lago in West Palm Beach.


My apologies to the Bard of Avon for taking the words out of Marcellus’s mouth, words he put there, but I hope he would understand the reasoning behind the usurpation.

Since shortly after he announced his candidacy to run for President in May of 2015 Donald Trump has mimicked and mocked his way to the Presidency. Whether it was John McCain or Humayun S. M. Khan and his parents he has sullied the service of one and the memory of another.

He has also impugned an entire country and it’s people by stating that Mexico is not bringing the best of there citizenry but that the Mexicans that are coming are “rapists, murderers” and are bringing drugs.

Lest we forget, he joked with Billy Bush about being able to sexually assault women.

Then there are his numerous conflicts of interest. Also, the prospect of his being in violation of the Emoluments Clause, or more accurately the Foreign Bribery Clause, to the Constitution.

Now, in a secret CIA assessment it has come to light that Russia interfered with our election in order for Hillary Clinton to lose. On Wednesday it was reported this occured with the full acknowledgement and the personal involvement of Vladimir Putin, according to multiple U.S. intelligence officials.

If true, we have entered a dangerous period in our history that threatens to undermine the functioning, the very life of this country. It has yet to be determined conclusively wether there was collusion in this endeavor by the then Trump campaign or Trump himself, but if it is proven that there was, then the existential danger increases enormously.