A few day ago I received a sad, yet inspirational message on my You Tube channel for Intersex education, Born Between. It took me a few days to gather my thoughts for a sincere reply. I am sharing it here in the hope others will read it and understand the obstacles encountered by a small segment of our population whose bodies do not conform to our societies expectations.

My goal was also to focus on the obstacles being produced by those expected to be the most beneficent toward their plight. And hopefully to change the course of our current negligence and blindness toward compassion for others.

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D. A. A.

I am intersex 46XX, 46XY. A true hermaphrodite. Thank you for bringing awareness to us 💛☮️ It is easy to force another to lie about their identity since males and females are just one sex alone that is why they force us to choose which sex we are. I refuse to lie about who I am…..I am both sexes. If this is too hard for others to accept I can’t change this but I do request you respect my gender and my right to Speak my truth on who I am and not try to fit me into one box called one gender since you are asking for me to lie to myself and others because my chromosomal structure is different than your own.

I am not deformed or a defect.

We existed in the times of Christ. . eunuchs…. I live a celibate life as Christ did. I love exactly how God created me. I lean on him when this world rejects me since Christ never pushed me away for being different. I never judge others since I know how it feels to be rejected and was subjected to being “fixed” through normalizing procedures that never should have taken place in my life to begin with. These procedures did more damage than good for me. They made me more acceptable to your standards only.

Ask questions from me…. if you’re curious and want to understand our struggles. I was normalized to only female when 1 day old until I was 11 months old. The first 11 months of my life were surgeries and immense pain back in the 1970’s. My baby pictures only show swollen eyes from crying.

Help protect us from unnecessary surgeries that steal away our right to be sexually reproductive and able to achieve orgasams. Many surgeries go terribly wrong. Usually the sex decided for the baby was the wrong one. If I could choose I would choose who I am to be both sexes.

If I was your child what would you do to me when I was born? Remember a baby has no rights we rely on you to hold our best interest at ♥️ Thank you

I never chose my gender this world did this for me when I was helpless and voiceless.

Have mercy on us let us be who we are this is all we can be. Thank you!!! all of you for your support we need this since most of us hide from you. You give us hope that hopefully one day we can live normal lives like you do freely without fear of rejection or worst off sexual Assignment surgery while we are too young to understand your decision for our identity. We need protection from you please hear this. Consider my truth

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My Reply:

Thank you D. A. A.. Thank you for sharing your sensitive personal story with us and thank you for your courage. First, I would like to ask if you would allow me to share your story with others. To me it is inspiring and I know others facing difficult situations in their lives, will also find it inspiring. Second, I would like you to email me. So we can correspond one on one.

I have been very vocal recently about the LGBT movement. I feel they have undermined the science and reality of intersex and the difficulties intersex persons experience. Physical or biological attributes are very different than the biological sex of who you sleep with, or the gender a person may identify as. I have received extensive criticism for this, but I remain true to the goals I originally established when I initiated this endeavor of the heart.

I quickly discovered the LGBT community were a significant obstacle in educating and informing the general public on the reality of the science of intersex. The LGBT groups would consistently glamorize and politicize the most serious issues. The recent national media attention given to transexuals because of the Jenner transformation has done little to help educate the public about intersex issues.

For an intersex person, intersex biological transformation at birth, or later in life to counter a surgical procedure at birth, is critical to their lives. Transgender or transexual transformations can also be critical to a persons life. But equating transgender or transexual transformations to intersex transformations is disingenuous to the intersex community. Which is why I have aggressively demanded the LGBT community to prioritize education of the science of intersex to all of their membership and supporters.

The other barrier we currently face has also been incited by the LGBT community. There is a strong push right now to declare only two sexes. I can fully understand how some may take this viewpoint. The extremes of gender ‘bending’ have caused a knee jerk reaction against any admonishment of gender variation. Completely contrary to everything I have been working toward. So, I have had to argue on public forums to open the eyes and minds of otherwise open minded individuals.

What was evident to me from the beginning, which seems to have been overlooked by others, is that we need those that are the most vocal and deterring when it comes to intersex education. These are the people that once converted become our greatest allies. And in many instances these are the people that hold the purse strings. Which leads me to another criticism of the LGBT community. Some members are now very wealthy and include millionaires and maybe even billionaires. Yet we find very little funding at all, trickling in to educate and support intersex persons for their medical needs, to support their communities, or to fund public education. I have to ask why?

Hermaphrodites were historically very important in many cultures. I still consider those born with this unique biology to be very important. I had a discussion at a thrift store just a few days ago, where I ran into a man of God and his son. I pointed out how God is neither male nor female, yet God is both. I admire and I am honored by your faith. I don’t believe in coincidence and God gives us all a mission whether we know it or not. Yours is Blessed and I again appreciate you sharing your life with us.

On a final note, we are working very hard on educating both medical professionals and the pubic on the cruelty of hasty surgical decisions made at birth without full consideration for the child and their later life. This will be ongoing and must be approached carefully. We know some surgeries are not necessary at all. In a few cases some surgery is necessary for health medical reasons. We must be clear where the division lines may be and carefully monitor where they are crossed.

I look forward to hearing more from you here and/or via email. Our website was recently hacked, but I hope to have it back up in the next few weeks. You can always visit the group I worked with to open the lines of communication for our video, UKIA (United Kingdom Intersex Association at UKIA.org). There are also now a growing number of support organizations around the world, many just in the past few years. We are making progress despite the obstacles. Keep the faith and Blessings to you every day!