Seamless NFT Creation & Fair Launch Now Live via Manifold

We are excited to announce that NFT creators are now able to seamlessly drop a collection on Fjord NFTs via

Manifold Studio is a tool that allows you to mint NFTs with zero code and we hope this will encourage more teams to explore the power of fair drops via Fjord NFTs. Creators will still have the option to create a drop manually through our UI, but now have an easy no code alternative.

Why did we integrate Manifold into Fjord NFTs?

We are here to help creators and their communities grow through fair and open drops, but also by creating a more enjoyable and seamless experience, and we believe that Manifold helps achieve this goal. Previously the only way to drop an NFT collection on Fjord required some coding/developer experience. With this release, fair drops can now be accessible to everyone.

We’re here to support creators get rewarded for their efforts and build out their community. Coding experience shouldn’t be a barrier for the next generation of innovators who are exploring NFTs and this release is a step towards our vision of supporting all creators.

Additionally, the flexibility of Fjord NFTs to integrate with other web3 tools and contracts is something we highly value and will continue to explore. Manifold is just the start and we can’t wait for what’s next.

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