3 Reasons Why You Should Join an Open Organization

First, What is it?

In short, it’s company functioning as a meritocracy rather than a democracy. Traditionally, organizations operate as hierarchies where employees are furiously working their way to the top. Open organizations operate differently. Basically, they allow every employee within the company the opportunity to pitch ideas and make decisions. Jim Whitehurst (CEO of RedHat, an open organization) describes an open organization as one that “inspires, motivates, and empowers people at all levels to act with accountability.”

1) You are involved in your company at any level

You could be an intern and still be involved in the decision making process. Got feedback to give? They’re willing to hear it.

2) You can grow into a better business person

Being given the responsibility to make decisions for your company and contribute your ideas to the mix, gives you the opportunity to become better at what you do.

3) Your company can see more of you & your abilities

Being able to voice your ideas and help make the decisions in your company, makes them aware of your abilities and really proves what you bring to the table.

So, will you join an open organization?
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