Thinking about buying Modafinil online in the UK? This is what will happen if you do.

This is what happens if you order modafinil online to the UK

I usually live in the US, and thus buy my modafinil there, so when I made the move to the UK and then ran out of modafinil and had to order more, I thought I should write a post describing my experience.

It was easier to buy than you might think.

In fact if you do it right, like know who to order from and know how long it takes to receive your pills, anyone can order modafinil online to UK.

But there’s some precautions you need to take and a few things you need to know before you buy some for yourself.

Benefits of modafinil

For those who don’t know what modafinil is, well, its a smart pill also known as a nootropic. Doctors and pharmacists refer to it more as a wake-promoting agent which is why it’s widely administered to treat:

• Sleep disorders due to work shifts

• Narcolepsy

• Idiopathic hypersomnia

• Excessive daytime sleepiness because of obstructive sleep apnea

Modafinil doesn’t help treat sleep apnea but it does help prevent and stop you from sleeping at inappropriate times. It can also be given to treat ADHD, reduce sleep deprivation effects and is also widely used as a cognitive enhancer.

It improves your cognitive functions in various manners to offer the following benefits:

1. Not an actual stimulant

While modafinil works like a stimulant, it’s actually a eurogenic that helps you keep awake. It, unlike other stimulants, doesn’t make you speedy or jittery, nor does it have any withdrawal symptoms.

2. Non-addictive

This is the main reason I had started modafinil in college; there’s no worry about getting addicted to it. In fact, it’s said to help people come out of an addiction.

3. Minimal side effects

Modafinil is safe to take with minimal or practically no side effects. I have been taking it for quite some time now and haven’t had anything to complain about it.

4. Very effective

You can understand the effects of modafinil better if you watch Bradley Cooper’s famous movie, Limitless. This is exactly what modafinil helps you do. It gives you somewhat superhuman mental processing power to help with calculations and analysis with minimal downsides.

How it helps you

The one thing that sets modafinil apart from other smart drugs is that it has been scientifically proven to:

• Increase your resistance to fatigue while improving your mood

• Improves motivation, reaction time, vigilance and fatigue levels

• Reduces the chances of your giving impulsive responses or rather, bad decisions

• Helps even sleep-deprived doctors to focus and function well

• While it was first assumed that modafinil was helpful only to those with lower IQ levels, it was proven otherwise over the years.

How it works/ Mechanism of action/pharmacology

While modafinil helps keep people awake, don’t assume that you don’t have to compensate for the sleep missed while you take the drug. Sleep has a strong connection to your body immunity.

Skipping sleep only makes you a weaker person. Which is why though I use modafinil regularly, I make it a point to get some deep sleep to consolidate whatever I’d achieved while awake.

What’s most surprising is that there is no clear understanding of the modafinil mechanism of action. There however are a few possible reasons, and explanations for how and why modafinil increases focus and concentration levels.

· Dopamine and modafinil

Dopamine is the only receptor affected by modafinil. It is responsible for your cravings and fires up when food, sex or drugs make you feel happy. It encourages you to do the same thing later on in similar situations, which is how addiction occurs.

Whenever dopamine is used, neurons tend to take it back from the synaptic cleft through dopamine transporters. Scientists assume that modafinil blocks these transporters so that dopamine sticks around longer to make you feel more active.

Conversely, scientists used logic to presume that modafinil would have been addictive in nature if it worked through dopamine. Other stimulants like Adderall tend to get addictive if worked through dopamine, but not modafinil.

In fact, the neurochemical effects differ so much that even modafinil’s actions do not change if an enzyme broke down dopamine. This proves that modafinil doesn’t depend on dopamine to work.

· Histamines and modafinil

Another theory is that modafinil increases the brain’s histamines, the neurotransmitters important in an allergic response. It’s because you get drowsy taking anti-histamine drugs for allergies, making histamines important nuclei for wakefulness.

1. Mechanism/pharmacology compared to caffeine

Caffeine and modafinil do have their share of similarities but are also rather different from each other. This is better understood if you realize that the brain and the nervous system have two different halves.

They are the symphatic nervous system (SNS) and the parasympathic nervous system (PNS).

SNS is what makes you feel awake in the day, and improves your physical abilities in challenging and stressful situations. PNS helps stop the effects of the SNS by relaxing the body and making you feel tired at night. It also makes you normal after a stressful period and increases recovery body functions like digestion and immune function.

Modafinil and caffeine are stimulants which mostly affect the neurotransmitters involved with the SNS. Increasing SNS helps activate the brain parts that keep you awake.

It also changes nerve transmission rates where faster nerve signals help you make more calculations in a second, gives faster reaction times and helps improve your decision-making capacity.

However, modafinil and caffeine stimulate the SNS differently. Caffeine tends to inhibit sleepiness by blocking adenosine compound effects. Adenosine levels rise through the day to slow down the nerve cells and make you sleepy at the end of the day. Caffeine occupies the receptor that accepts the adenosine molecules to stop adenosine’s effects.

Caffeine binds and activates the body’s adrenaline receptors and the SNS. While the effects of caffeine on the receptors are rather low when compared to the body’s built-in stress modulating hormone cortisol, it does produce noticeable results. This is why too much coffee makes you feel jittery and anxious.

Modafinil works by modulating the body’s biological clock that’s calibrated through routine and daylight exposure. It is balanced by hormones and neurotransmitters to make you feel awake in the morning and tired at night. Modafinil overrides this balance by stimulating the compound orexin that makes us feel awake even when tired at night.

Modafinil also increases dopamine levels, which caffeine cannot achieve. This, in turn, helps increase productivity and is the reason why modafinil is the preferred wakefulness-promoting the drug.

As modafinil stimulates the brain, it’s not advised to drink coffee while taking the smart drug. It can overstimulate you, and make it difficult and not easier for you to focus. The same rule applies to other caffeine-rich drinks like cola and energy drinks, and medications containing caffeine like OTC cold and flu medications.

2. Mechanism/pharmacology compared to amphetamines

Amphetamine is a type of phenylethylamine and basically a stimulant. It keeps you alert by preventing the reuptake of dopamine and norepinephrine and in the process stimulates the secretion of catecholamines of neuronal cells. However, amphetamine can also cause depression or anxiety once the intended effects wear off.

It is used clinically to treat chronic fatigue syndrome, traumatic brain injury, ADHD and hypnolepsy, and unlike modafinil, is illegally prescribed as a mood enhancer. Unlike modafinil, it can also grow into a very addictive narcotic with increased dependence if abused.

Amphetamine tends to increase the metabolic rate on some parts of the brain like the basal ganglia and frontal cortex which modafinil doesn’t affect. This proves that while both can promote wakefulness, they have different working mechanisms.

Modafinil tends to act on the brain pathways that regulate sleep and wakefulness while amphetamine affects most cerebral structures that regulate behavioral states.

Modafinil also doesn’t affect the extrapyramidal motor system characteristic of amphetamine and other psychomotor stimulants. This means that modafinil effects are not mediated by the dopamine system and that modafinil also increases wakefulness with minimal side effects.

Side effects

Despite being so effective at keeping you awake and improve your focus, modafinil has minimal side effects. They are in fact rare, and if experienced, it’s so minor that the drug benefits outweigh them. Some possible side effects of modafinil are nausea, dry mouth, headaches, loss of appetite and dizziness.

Though side effects are rare, it’s always better to be aware of them so that you can recognize them if they occur and consult a doctor for treatment. Though modafinil as a low addiction potential, it’s not a typical recreational drug too.

Even though it doesn’t work completely by affecting dopamine, it may get addictive or harmful because it partially messes the dopamine systems. Besides, anything that affects your sleep/wake cycle can lead to harmful effects down the road.

There also is the chance of getting psychologically dependent on modafinil. Once you get used to performing well with the help of mood enhancers, you find it difficult working without them. This is why it’s better to use modafinil occasionally in emergencies and not regularly.


There is no fixed dosage for modafinil because it all depends on why you are taking it.

Start with a low dosage of 25 mg and gradually increase for improved cognitive performance. It’s always better to reach your desired effects with minimal dosage so that you reap its smart drug benefits without any side effects.

If you need modafinil to treat narcolepsy, then take 100mg every morning, once you get up. Some people feel more alert taking 50mg upon getting up and 50 mg in the afternoon. You decide if you should take 100mg in the morning or split the dosage into two through the day based on your case and body.

The suggested modafinil dosage is 100–200 mg for ADHD adults. Modafinil is not suggested or rendered safe for use in children.

Physicians recommend taking a 200mg dose once a day to treat circadian rhythm sleep disorders and to help you reach your cognitive enhancement and mood improvement goals.

The maximum permissible modafinil dosage is 400mg, which is well tolerated by many patients. However clinical studies prove that there’s not much difference between the effects of a 200mg and 400mg dose.

Instead of taking a higher dose for longer periods of time, it’s always better to take a smaller and safer dose and stick to taking a maximum of 200mg of modafinil a day.

It’s always better to take modafinil at in the morning and not in the afternoon. Taking it in the morning helps improve your cognitive functioning through the day, while you still fall asleep at night. The pill’s half life may prevent you from falling asleep at night if you take it in the afternoon.

How much it costs and where to get it

Once again, I’ve learned through experience that there is no fixed cost for modafinil. Depending on who you buy it from, it costs between $0.56 to 2.80 USD for 200 mg. While you can always get a doctor’s prescription, it’s cheaper, easier and quicker to order modafinil online.

There are many online stores selling modafinil, so make sure you deal with only the legitimate and recommended sites. I generally avoid buying from Russian, Indian and Japanese pharmacy websites. I’ve read many complaints of these sites charging several additional suspicious charges to credit cards.

I suggest buying packaged pills from a few reputable pharmaceutical companies, which I’ve listed below. It’s safer and better to buy packaged pills from reputable companies and not powders.

I once made the mistake of buying bulk modafinil powder, thinking it’ll work out cheaper for me. However, it was a big mistake because the powder wasn’t legalized or FDA approved and it also gave varied effects. Besides, I always made some mistakes while taking my dosage, which in turn lead to the reduced mental enhancement and other complications.

I suggest buying your modafinil stock from legitimate online stores like:

These online stores offer great rates, fast shipping, and guaranteed delivery and if you are lucky, great discounts too. They also offer wonderful Bitcoin discounts where you get a 20% discount if you pay using cryptocurrency and receive more pills than you ordered. I also like dealing with them because I found them to be reliable, trustworthy and have a wonderful customer support system.

My experience

I have been taking modafinil right from my college days to help me complete my courses. I have never gotten addicted to it. It really did help me study and pass exams with flying colors.

Like any other young adult, I was first apprehensive about taking modafinil. My friends and colleagues were regulars with it, and I was managing quite well in college with my studies and work.

However, it was in the final year that I just couldn’t focus on studies because I got involved in so much other work and responsibilities. This was when my friend suggested I try the smart drug.

I did my share of research about the drug (I read reviews, studies, and scientific articles on it), and was quite convinced about its safety and effectiveness at improving my focus and concentration levels. So I decided to give it a try.

Just to be on the safer side, I decided to try it out on a weekend. I took it early in the morning, at about 5.30 and was just lazing around. I noticed that I was wide awake, and could actually feel the adrenaline rush in me. I finally got up at around 6 am, had some juice and started studying for my finals.

I didn’t find anything special happening to me. But I did notice that I was wide awake and that I wasn’t feeling drowsy or tired as I usually did. I also noticed that I was feeling really thirsty and that I was drinking lots of water and that instead of feeling tired towards afternoon, I felt as if I had some extra energy pent up in myself.

I was capable of studying ten times more than I usually did, and was just absorbing my notes, papers and just practically flying through my project. This was when I realized why modafinil was referred to as a focus and smart drug! It really helped me study much more than I usually did, which in turn lead t improved productivity and better use of my time.

I didn’t feel lazy, wasn’t procrastinating, and didn’t even need any other ‘motivation’ like I always thought I needed like music and food. One more thing I noticed was that my vision span had narrowed, as though I was seeing the world through a hyper-focused tunnel.

I also seemed to be able to focus only on my books and laptop and not on anything else for hours. My memory also seems to have improved by leaps and bounds and I was practically absorbing everything I read like a sponge absorbs water.

In fact, I had to get myself to get up later on in the evening. Not because I was tired, but I had accomplished much more in a day than I would have had in a week.

Honestly, I was relieved when I started feeling tired and drowsy later on at night.

That was my first experience using modafinil and had tried it quite a few times after that to complete deadlines and while studying for tests. I never did feel addicted to it and didn’t get into the habit of having a pill every day.

I passed out of college and used to take modafinil intermittently for a few years to help me go through my work stress. With age catching up, I have even started taking modafinil to help me stay awake and alert while driving home at night.

Now I have to mention that I didn’t suffer any mentionable side effects taking modafinil. I sometimes did get a headache, a dry mouth or felt jittery, but it was all temporary and nothing to complain about, especially considering how much the nootropic was helping me!

This is why I still take modafinil when I feel I need it when I know there’s a long day ahead or schedule for me. All I have to say is that according to my experience, modafinil is safe to use, if used safely and if not misused.

Like any drug, there is a specific dosage to follow, including modafinil. It’s when you take more than your body requires that you end up suffering from its consequences and repent taking it.

I also do not advise modafinil for adolescents because it can cause damage to the growing and developing brain. I also have to stress to not take modafinil to avoid sleeping.

Your brain needs rest; in fact, it’s when you sleep that you consolidate your memories. So not getting good quality sleep will actually prove counterproductive to modafinil effects. Lastly, always buy and use modafinil from reputed and licensed vendors.

How I bought bitcoin in the UK to place an order and how to send bitcoin

When possible, buy your modafinil supply through vendors who accept bitcoin payment. You will save as much as 15 to 35% on your order, so why ignore it?

If you always thought it was difficult buying in bitcoin, I have to tell you, it isn’t.

It’s in fact really easy, and it’s not shady. Both bitcoin and importing prescription drugs for personal use are legal in the US. If you’ve never used bitcoin, you obviously don’t own any, and so I’ll explain how you can get it.

Well, you can use a bitcoin exchange like Coinbase or Coinmama to buy bitcoin directly and instantly from them using your credit or debit card without creating a wallet or using any site or software.

Just proceed to the modafinil site’s checkout point and choose Bitcoin as your preferred payment option. You will receive an invoice for the exact bitcoin amount you have to pay.

You’ll even receive a QR code with your payment information for even easier payment. You will receive your additional discount for buying with bitcoin once you click on the ‘Place order’ button. The new discounted price is then shown in bitcoin.

Next, send bitcoin to the vendor’s wallet by either scanning the QR code with your Smartphone or by manually entering their wallet address, and it’s sent. Your order is shipped to you as soon as the vendor receives your payment. You’ll receive a tracking number once the order is shipped too.

See? It’s as easy as sending an email to someone! There are no hitches and no need of having any wallet or using any software or visiting any other site. All modafinil vendors accept bitcoins without any currency conversion fees, credit card company cancellation or other problems.

This is why they can afford to give you a good discount if you pay with bitcoins. Some prefer paying in bitcoins for the anonymity it offers because it’s illegal to buy modafinil without a prescription in various countries.

Waiting for shipping

1. The different online vendors have different shipping rates and timings. I found out of the three, ModafinilStar is rather quick. They provide free worldwide shipping with tracking, and I received my order 5 days after placing it. Besides, they even offer a 100% refund guarantee in case the shipment gets lost or seized midway like at customs.

2. If you ask me, anyone living in the US should buy their modafinil from ModafinilXL. Why? Well, they only cater to US customers that’s why! So you get top priority and there are no delays in the shipment.

Orders are dispatched within 2 hours of placing an order and it reaches you discreetly packed, within a week’s time. The company gives you a free re-ship or refund if you don’t receive your order.

There is a hitch here. Shipping is free for you only if you but at least $80 of modafinil. The site also offers free sample modafinil and armodafinil 10-pill packs where you just have to pay its shipping and handling charges. So you get to try the tablets to find out which gives better results and focus before buying more tablets.

3. AfinilExpress is one of the safest modafinil vendors because they are one of the industry’s veterans. They offer quick and free global shipping.

This post describes my buying modafinil online, in my UK experience. I have to say, it’s not a hassle and in fact, it’s rather easy and convenient. The only thing you need to remember is to buy your modafinil from legit sites, and preferably with bitcoins because you get more pills for your bitcoin!