As the work of his company continued to expand, Morris’ influence on the British artistic community became more evident. He was elected to the position of ‘Master’ to the Art Workers’ Guild, and as President of the Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society. Morris refocused his attention on his original attempts, such as the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings. He kept publishing poetry and began his printing press, the Kelmscott Press, which was devoted to the production of books Morris thought to be beautiful. Before publishing his first work, Morris made sure that he had mastered the printing techniques, and that the press had supply of handmade paper for production. Within the last decade of his life, he published 66 volumes at Kelmscott, which went on to later publish 23 of his own novels.
Project Two: Biography
Nina Flores

this is super interesting and i see that you’re telling the story through the history of his life and the context he grew up in. but i do find myself wanting to know a bit more about his impact on design history.

Great job though. you’re an incredible writer!!! wow

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