“Well, I was going to say it that way — but that seems to be perpetuating a limiting belief of mine.”

If you’re in the “conscious,” “mindful,” or “spiritual” communities, you’ve probably heard of limiting beliefs before.

I most certainly have. And every single time, I want to rip my eyes out of their sockets to stuff them in my ears so I can stop hearing about them.

Before we go further with this, I don’t want to disparage the intention of the phrase “limiting belief.”

It’s usually used to help break someone’s thinking cycle when they clearly want something, but their current beliefs don’t allow them to have it.

Think Outside the Box image
Think Outside the Box image
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A good example would be “I want to change careers, but I’m too old for that.”

April 11, 2019 / Allison Wojtowecz

Is organ meat really good for you?

In short — YES. Sometimes.

I give the “sometimes” caveat because, as with all animal products, you want to be looking for grass-fed, pasture-raised, wild-caught, game meat, etc.

All of those “hippie” phrases on the food labels these days truly do make a difference; they literally change the micro & macronutrient profiles of the animal meat.

But think about it: people didn’t know what a “premium” cut of meat was until very recently in our species’ existence.

Before that, we had to eat nose-to-tail. …

This question comes up a lot from people looking to add a protein powder supplement to their health regimen.

First of all, let’s just acknowledge that there is a ton of misinformation out there surrounding supplements. Things promising rapid weight loss, huge muscle gains, and magical healing powers are everywhere.

And they’re allowed to be, because the FDA doesn’t regulate supplements.

While we can debate whether they should, I don’t want to get into that.

Today, I want to differentiate some key aspects of 3 major types of protein supplement out there.

There are a few main protein sources out there that are typically found in animal-based protein supplements. …

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This is not going to be “just another New Year’s Resolution” post about weight loss. Or “getting healthy.” Or “clean eating made easy!”

In fact, if you’re feeling hopeful about your plan to lose weight this year, this is the opposite of the rah-rah motivation you’re looking for.

But if you’re serious about sticking to your health goals this time around, this is the real talk you’re going to need.

If you plan on being one of the 8% who sticks to that resolution long-term, it’s time to get serious.

There are some things your coaches or already-healthy friends don’t want to tell you about making this switch. …

How many times have you said “yeah, I’m just building up the willpower to push all the way through that?”

Or heard the excuse, “if I only had more willpower, this time it would work!”

If you saw my previous post about Motivation vs. Discipline, you might know where this is going already. But this might just be the thing that felt missing from that article.

But to recap the ideas in that blog post, here’s how it went.

The two terms “motivation” and “discipline” are defined as such, respectively:

  • Motivation: (n) The general desire or willingness of someone to do something. …

It’s always fascinating for me to hear the cases for salary vs. hourly pay, but having experience in both… I feel a very strong preference for one over the other.

I think this decision is a combination of job type and personality type of the worker.

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What type of job are you hiring for?

As I’ll get into below, there are certain jobs I think can only really work for hourly pay.

Retail jobs that require someone to be there for store hours is a perfect example: people need to be manning the store for it to be operating. …

“Manifestation” is overrated.

Does anyone else remember when “The Secret” was a thing? Maybe my perspective is skewed because I’m in the performing arts, but that was IT 10 years ago ago and it’s still referenced far too often.

Let’s be specific here: there’s nothing wrong with vision boards. They help clarify things for many people and keep the long-term goal in mind.

But — Mary Shenendoa summed this point up perfectly on her Instagram recently:

You don’t manifest your opportunities. You just start seeing them once you’ve given your mind full permission to believe it can accomplish what you want.

I can’t think of a better way to put it. …


Allison Wojtowecz

Founder of Flabs to Fitness, actress, stand-up comedian. Loves Texas, Travel, and something else that starts with a T. I'm sure of it.

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