Yacht Club Burgees and the New Flags

A burgee for a Yacht Club is same as a flag of a country or in other words we can say, what a burgee is to a yacht clubs is what a flag is to a country. Burgee can be called flags for has reserved its name exclusively for Yacht Club.
There is no scarcity of the written etiquette of flying your Burgee on a particular type of vessel type. The change in vessels vastly impacts the way Yatch Club burgees are flown. For example, on the traditional sailing vessels the burgees are flown from the main masthead of the sailing vessels, on the other hand, there are modern vessels fly the burgee with the help of lanyard, which is placed under starboard spreader. The main reason of vastly different ways of flying burgees depends hugely on the structure of the yacht. Power yachts, which are motor-powered and don’t depend solely on the wind, fly off the Burgee from a short staff on the bow. 
Burgees is an insignia for Yacht club and there are ways where these clubs shows off their sailing vessels and Burgees flying high.

Yatchees, a common term coined for the Yacht lovers and enthusiasts, likes “Opening Day” ceremonies where they get a chance to parade their boats and get to show the Burgees by flying them from their yacht.

A Yacht Club burgee holds a lot for the club it is representing. A Burgee is a symbol that stands true to the club in every way and that represents club in the quickest ways possible. Designing such flags, or flag production, commands a flair and mastery owing to the fact that Yacht Club burgees are way more than a piece of designer cloth. Burgees encapsulate respect and dignity.

Flags production is not an easy task that can be done by inexperienced makers. Given the importance of Burgees, it is hard to find quality new flags online.

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