Mortgage brokers: Should you use one or go it alone?

People who are looking to buy a property, may be for investment or for own home, it’s more likely than not that they will have to take out a loan to achieve their goal.
 This means that actual buyers would face a quick decision in their ownership journey — and therefore one they have to make before they even take decision on the property they want to buy — in whether they must use a mortgage broker for financial help. 
 The actual reasons to the increasing number of people for choosing to take up the service of a mortgage broker are because it saves time and very convenient. 
 Why spend so much time in researching and trying to find the best lender, when you can have an expert who has all the information available?

Flagstone is one of the biggest introducers of mortgages in the UK. We work with many real estate agents and introducers, such as builders, accountants and solicitors, offering independent mortgage advice.

As one of the large introducer, we benefit from a huge number of special mortgage rates not available to the local public.

Our team has huge experience in mortgage market and we can help you through the process of buying and remortgaging.

When it comes to saving our clients, we can provide products like life cover, serious illness and income protection from the entire market.

We understand that moving home and applying for a loan is a very difficult and keeping our clients with the progress of their application is necessary.