2am (Verse)

The Spanish squad are experiencing Boston city for their first time in their life!
[Verse1: Mourph]
I kept daydreaming couldn’t close my eyes
2 am in the morning, and I can’t even analyze,
my mind is shut, but I kept dreaming somehow,
lately, it been messed up it was hard to remember my name,
its was darker than all graves, and I was my own slave,
I guess I need to sleep,
I guess that’s what happen when you are overworked and out of oxygen,
Achievements I am after are impossible and they so close to being unseen,
I wasn’t born for this, and I know I was in fear,
couldn’t wrap my head around what does this means,
the unknown is hard but it’s harder to feel,
sleep is what I need and the only thing that I crave,
but more importantly a hope is what I need.

~ Source: http://flair.click/2am

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