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Flairtales is an online media company providing insightful information into the world of fashion and lifestyle. Our endeavour is to present to you information regarding all the latest news from the fashion industry, lifestyle, fitness and beauty-related industries. Through us, you can tell the tale of your struggles and your entire journey to the world. Now, you may ask, exactly how can Flairtales help you? Well, for a start we would like to say that we as a Media Company basically focus on giving a chance to fashion and beauty brands to tell the story of their journey so that it reaches their prospective customers in particular and to the world at large. Our platform Flairtales aims to inspire, educate and motivate entrepreneurs by its cover stories that feature various fashion start-ups and their journeys to the top to carve their niche and establish globally popular brands. Following are the benefits that you may get by associating with us:

Emotional Branding

Emotional branding is a progressive marketing strategy that has the potential to drive revenue and increase customer retention. How a person feels about your brand typically determines whether they buy your product. A brand is a matter of perception. When you tell a story that embodies human challenges, you create an experience that resonates with your customers. Knowing your story will lead your customers to connect to your brand on a more personal level.


We not only tell your inspiring tale to the world, but also inspire you to be the best in your field. With our regular stories, that showcase the struggles of entrepreneurs, you will know that you are not alone in your journey to make a brand; there are others and you can learn from their experiences as well. Apart from the cover stories, we also write things that help you in becoming a more educated, motivated and an inspired entrepreneur.


In today’s world of stiff competition, being in front of your target audience is a must to survive and thrive. And the impact deepens when the customers are able to see how you started your brand and at what stage have you reached today. We promise to provide you with a kind of promotion that doesn’t look like a mindless marketing gig; in fact what we do is that we make your customers feel connected to not only your products and services, but also to your journey, which eventually helps them to retain more about your brand in their minds. Flairtales reaches a total of half a million people every month through its website and other social media pages. Advertising to the right audience is good advertising. We also believe that every business different and hence require different advertising.

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