The Noble Weak

Try to stay focused…

I think I figured out the Bible, and it’s true purpose. First, consider the idea that

“The Weak shall inherit the Earth”.

Now consider the Anime Series “No Game No Life”, particularly the coronation speech of Shiroe and Sora about the Noble Weak.

Ok. Now consider the idea that only a fraction of humans can get into Heaven after the End of the World, yet the Bible is given freely to as many people as possible. How is it that there is such a large number of people holding Bibles, yet only a fraction get the reward it promises?

Now, consider this video:

Considering both videos, and what I have written here, and the combined logic of all 3?

The Bible itself is a test. It was given to us by the Heavens to test us for worthiness, to see who could rise above it, and pursue real wisdom. It is only those people who will be able to reach the heavens under thier own power.

Out of billions of people, only a small fraction will graduate to the next level of God’s Universal Civilization, which would be Type IV on the Kardishev Scale of Civilizations.

You can see this pattern all over Biology. The way human sperm function is a great example.

The Bible is not the instruction manual. It’s the intended obstacle to rise above, on purpose.

For this reason, it makes sense that Atheists have a much better chance of getting into Heaven than even the most dedicated Christian. It’s also the largest, most massive Irony that I have ever heard of.

My advice? Study the Bible more, and gain the same understanding of the Logic and Contradictions in the Scriptures that Atheists have. They gain a better understanding just so that they can defend themselves against nonsensical, circular arguments that promote poverty and a simple mind, which I promise will leave you just as left behind as the majority of sperm that never reached the egg.

Also, build your personal library with books and start into Applied Learning and Game Design Logic. Apply both to every single thing you do, as well as the whole structure of the way you choose to live. We will rise as a species because, in the words of Sora:

“We came into this world with nothing!”