Personalization of user experience for streaming platforms

Apr 26, 2018 · 3 min read

A strong trend in marketing is the personalization of the customer experience

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Many marketing studies have highlighted the following points:

Today, VOD platforms or streaming services that want to succeed in their business have to focus on one point: the personalization of the user experience.

But what exactly does this concept mean for OTT platforms?

Three kind of personalizations exist :

  • Navigation-based personalization: this is a dynamic offering that allows users to adapt in real time to offer them contents they are looking for at a given moment;
  • Client segmentation personalization: the idea is to gather people with similar interests in the same group to suggest them contents that suit them;
  • Personalization based on expressed interests: this is the use of tools to understand how users interact on a platform. This can be the like/dislike buttons on a video, or an individual form after a customer unsubscribes. There are essential tools for all those who launch a SVOD service and want to analyze the churn.

These 3 ways to customize the experience of a video or VOD platform user are important because they drastically increase conversion and retention. As a simple example, ESPN by incorporating elements of personalization managed to grow their audience by 35%.

Once these concepts have been assimilated, how can they be concretely implemented on your OTT platform?

Examples of customization mechanisms on OTT platforms :

  • Always provide a section of recommended programs, such as “you liked X you will also like Y”. This can be done by manually associating related contents (for example content that has the same category or keywords in common) or with a more advanced recommendation algorithm that will take into account a large number of factors (and in particular the navigation of all users: a majority of users who watch this content watch this content right after etc…)
  • Use a “smart” CRM system that will allow you to easily segment your users according to their consumption or navigation. For example, if a user looks at more than 5 contents from the same category, you can qualify him in your customer database as a “fan”. And if he views 50, you can automatically define him as a hardcore fan. By segmenting your subscriber bases in this way, you can then send them personalized messages or set up a dynamic content display system.
  • Offer tools on your site to engage your users and trackers these behaviors. Add sharing buttons, like/dislike or rate content system. These information are a gold mine for your marketing actions. Of course do not hesitate to track all the events within your video player. Which users pause at which times, watch a scene several times, stop before the end. Finally, don’t forget to use standard surveys to adapt your offer and correct sticking points.

These few examples are only a small part of everything that can be done in terms of customer personalization. Each VOD platform has its own challenges. But understanding the concept of customization will allow you to implement powerful actions to develop your video business.

At FlameFy we have understood the importance of this subject for our customers, and offer tools built on smart data and artificial intelligence.

You want to segment your customers automatically according to their video consumption? Track important navigation events within your OTT platform? Offer powerful recommendation algorithms? Or set up automated scenarios that are triggered according to your users’ specific behaviors?

Contact us at!

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