Japanese culture! ~How to worship at shrine~

If you are in Japan, especially in Kyoto, You must have lots of chances to go to shrine.

But do you know how to worship at the shrine? sometimes Japanese people also don’t know how to worship correctly.

This time, we’d like to introduce how to worship at the shrine!

After you read this blog, you can do it very well! Let’s see that!

how to walk the shrine’s approach

Before passing under the gate, which is called TORII, you should adjust yourself and enter with bowing slightly. Beyond the TORII is thought as the GOD’s field so you should not walk center of the approach.

Purify your mouth and hands by Chozu

Water has been considered as the one which washes out a stain from the past, so people who worship to the god wash your mouth and hands before worshipping.

①Before worshiping at a shinto shrine, you need to purify your hands and mouth.

②Take the wooden dipper in your right hand and fill it with water. Pour the water over your left hand.

③Then take the dipper in your left and pour water over your right.

④Take the dipper again in your right hand and pour some water into the cupped palm of your left hand. Rinse your mouth with this water. (Please be careful not to rinse your mouth directly from the dipper.)

⑤Cleanse your palm.

⑥Finally, hold the dipper vertically so that the remaining water can wash the handle of the dipper. Place the dipper back in its original position.



The style of worshipping depends on the shrine. Also it’s different from the way in temple.

①Throw your coin in to the offering box. Then ring the bell.

②Bow twice, Clap your hands twice, and then put your hands together and pray. (Please do not clap your hands at the temple)

③Finally, bow again before you leave.

Did you know how to worship correctly?

When you go to shrine next time, please try to do you read in this blog!

Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon!

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