Dubai — A Place With The Real Traditional Values

Dreams come true in Dubai. You can thus spend a dream vacation in Dubai that would make you feel great and you can start a new beginning in your life. In this respect, you need to get familiar with Dubai Tour Packages that would aid you to select the right option.

Dubai Tour Packages

The One Place You Should Visit

Once you land in Dubai, first place you should visit is the Al Fahidi Fort inside which you can explore the historic museum that’s an important part of Dubai tour packages. The place is accompanied with great stuffs that were used to shield the Dubai Creek. The floor on the upper end gets supported with wooden handles and it comes out with a nice look that would give you a great feel.

Alongside, the courtyard serves as the home for manifold boats with a traditional look and you can also discover a house made of palm leaf along with an Emirati wind tower. The hall on the right side features the weapons used while the hall on the left side shows different musical instruments. While you go to the ground floor, you can find the display halls where you can find manifold exhibits and dioramas revealing a typical Emirati lifestyle. You would also get familiar with pearl fishing and Bedouin desert life that would make you give a feel of heavenly atmosphere.

Discover the Largest Souk

Deira Souks situated on the bank of Dubai Creek where you can explore the traditional stuffs enhancing the beauty of Dubai. Souks means market and this traditional market would give you a nostalgic feel with the prehistoric dhows load, hotels, banks and offices.

Deira Gold Souk is the world’s largest gold market and a place that serves as the main attraction for tourists due to which Dubai is popularly known as ‘City of Gold’. Here, you can get various designs modern or traditional that would help you to get the unique design.

Next, you can enter the Deira Spice Souk where you can explore different spices like cumin, saffron, thyme, paprika and sumac adding which your recipe would get a special flavor.