4 Places Of US Which Just Can’t Be Missed By The Foodies

Whenever one listens to the mention of the country of US, various pictures fill up the head. These pictures include the thought of skyscrapers, broad roads, successful industries, long bridges and a lot more. But this is just a superficial image of US as a country. It is much more than simply a developed nation or a global superpower. It is one of the most diverse and enjoyable locations for a fun-filled holiday. It doesn’t just offer great scenery, but it also masters in lip-smacking food as well. In context to this, mentioned below in a list of amazing food joints, this should not be missed out on a US tour packages.

1. Highlands Bar & Grill: 
This restaurant is situated in the city of Birmingham. Famous for its great food and classy ambiance, this restaurant has been critically acclaimed a number of times and has also received prestigious awards. The meal here is a “French-inspired Southern dinner”. For the dinner, the menu keeps changing daily in order to keep things fresh and innovative. As this restaurant is based in a formal setup, it is important to dress up accordingly to dine here and also make reservations in advance.

2. Glacier Brew House: 
If you ask anyone in Alaska which is the place one shouldn’t miss on a the USA Tour Packages, everyone will name this restaurant. It is very popular for its handcrafted Ales, wild Alaskan seafood and Rotisserie roasted meats. A perfect atmosphere for a satisfying meal is created by the smell of wood and the warmth of fire all around. People have been regularly visiting this restaurant since almost 1996. This place is a popular Anchorage brewpub as well.

3. Little Miss BBQ: 
This place is absolute paradise for someone who is fond of meat. Here the freshly barbecued meats are served on the basis of weight on butcher paper. This meat is accompanied with onions, pickles and white bread. One this is guaranteed over here, the meat served is of the highest quality and always fresh. The sausages are made freshly in the house only after the order is placed. The barbecue cooking of meat over here is done on a massive offset smoker daily.

4. Lulu’s Rotisserie & Grill:
This restaurant focuses on providing traditional Latin American dishes at an affordable price. The food here is always freshly made in a hygienic environment and the atmosphere of the restaurant is ideal for a family dinner as well as a date night.

Author’s Note: The author of this article, Mangalika, is a big time foodie herself. It can be said that her only aim in life is to earn enough so that she can travel the world just to taste the various cuisines available.