I found a lovely article when I was doing research for a different blog post on a completely different topic. The article was written by Paul Zane Pilzer and is titled “ 48 Things I Know For Sure”.

One of the things he mentioned was to;

“Design your own day and fill it with lots of tiny things that make you happy”

What caught my attention on that point were the following key words:

  • ‘Design’
  • ‘Tiny things’
  • ‘Make you happy’

When he speaks on “Design”, he is basically saying create your own happiness. Simply do what makes you happy.

“Tiny things” I feel refers to even the smallest thing that brings you joy, even if its just sitting outside your office during your busy day at work and looking up at the sky or popping by your favourite coffee shop on your way home. The small things always make the biggest difference.

And the last point, “Makes you happy”, speaks for itself. Just do what makes you feel good and what brings you joy.

I call those 3 things the pyramid of happiness.

I think the idea is to appreciate the small things in life and also make an effort to find those small moments that you feel make your life special.

You are the architect of your happiness; if you think of it that way, you will always find a way to do something that makes you happy every single day.

So here are 10 of the tiny things that make my days really memorable:

  1. Coffee; really good coffee. Sometimes even bad coffee.
Coffee or cappuccino soothes my spirit anytime of the day.

2. Staring at beautiful landscape images.

3. Reading something that inspires me.

4. Finding new articles that inspire me to write.

5. Writing without stopping.

6. Chocolate.

7. Listening to beautiful heart-touching music.

8. Having thought-provoking conversations.

9. Daydreaming.

10. Taking pictures of something odd or pretty.

I found this beautiful tree in my complex building and took this picture without using a filter. This picture makes me happy.

I can add a lot more things to the list but I just wanted to illustrate how easy it is to find the beauty in a single day.

Go out there and design your day by finding the tiny things that make your life amazing.