Don’t put a label on yourself, instead be a creative minx!

Don’t get stuck in a box, do more and always learn more. Refresh your mind and your brain by always giving it new and interesting things to think about and work through.

Accept challenges; if you succeed in them then you’ve learned something new. If you fail in them, you’ve still learned something new.

Find out where your talents lie and use them! You cannot live in potential for the rest of your life.

Stop wasting time, plan better but don’t just plan, put the work in as well.

You know all this, I’m simply reminding you.

There is more to you than what the world requires you to be. Don’t allow yourself to be limited.

When you use opportunities, you are not only opening doors for yourself, but you are opening doors and opportunities for your children and their children. What you do with your time on earth is not just for you. It is your legacy, your footprint. Make it memorable.

You have to become an example of what can be done.

Don’t leave this world without having had made an impact, it’s such an unnecessary waste!

If that voice in your head tells you to go for it, listen to it. Always trust yourself.

Believe in yourself.

Push yourself.

Love yourself.

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